24 Jun 2013

sunday evening

It's the lull between the treacly flow of the weekend and the white water rush of the week; Sunday evening.  A few candles are lit and sometimes tea is poured, more often, red wine. Quietly I peruse the shelves of the bathroom cabinet for essential oils to nourish mind and spirit and invite creativity to come out and play. Orange and cinnamon or perhaps rosemary, clary sage and geranium.  With slippered feet and wool about my shoulders I sit down at our delicious old table and settle into my task, to plan the week ahead.

A menu is concocted and the shopping list hums along merrily beside it. Well thumbed cook books form are colourful tower beside my tea cup and I linger over grainy photographs of figs and walnuts. I call out to my beloved to check our stocks of cinnamon and honey as my palate is begging for something warming and syrupy this week. I immediately jot down double cream.

My weekly plan with the fluidity of a mountain stream aims never to lock me in drowning every ounce of spontaneity in "to do's" but rather it is a guide, a list of gentle reminders and dreams. I've learnt to be less ambitious with my proposed undertakings. Not in a negative, "I never get time for anything!" way but a more  kind and gentle approach that encourages peace within my role. My goal each week is to come away content with the completion of simple, home enriching tasks, to work with my hands for whiskers of time and be present with my babies as they explore their world. Anything more is icing on the cake.

This list writing, nourishment planning and dream delving time is a grounding exercise that whets my appetite for the week to come. I charge forward into the new shiny Monday eager to see what possibilities she holds rather than shielding my unprepared eyes from her blinding glare. To map out our weekly journey regardless of how far we deviate throughout our days is both peace making and soul nourishing. To sip wine, to make plans, to dream. That is Sunday evening.

Do you plan your week? Does scribing your ideas for the week hem you in or calm you?

Steph x

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  1. Steph your words are always just so beautiful. I'm a list maker, I like to scribble things down at the start of the week. Makes my days a little easier to navigate, and the fact that I seem to be very forgetful xo

  2. Oh I felt that blinding glare today, not good. I must get back to my list writing and meal planning. Happy week to you lovely one. xo

  3. I like the sound of your calm Sunday ritual:) I will often sit down on a Sunday night to write up the menu for the week so then there is less to worry about each evening when deciding what's for dinner. And before I go to be I will jot down a few sentences about my day, a little grateful note and things I'd like to do, it keeps me focussed I find. I love your beautiful glass teapot. xx

  4. I am a list writing enthusiast! I don't know how I would achieve anything if not for the constant need to jot down the weeks happenings and due dates. Happy week to you, Steph.

  5. List writer over here to! However, I probably spend more time list making then doing.
    Your words are so beautiful and feel so warm reading, even the simplest of things.
    May your week be bright and swell, productive too.

  6. I used to be like that. And aim to be like that once again. I find the thought of organisation inspirational. At the moment I'm wading through mess and drowning in disorganisation. Rituals and rhythms, I need to start.

  7. i used to be a list writer but these days i feel like i am stumbling blindly from one day to the next. your post has inspired me to once again menu plan and jot down a few things i would like to accomplish during the week x

  8. Such beautiful words. How refreshing for you to welcome rather than lament the arrival of the new week. I too love a list and take great pleasure in planning for the week ahead Xo

  9. I am a lover of lists. Our shopping list is a blackboard on the kitchen wall, as things run out they are jotted down. Monday mornings I transfer this list adding and planning the fortnightly menu


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