11 Jun 2013

lewin street store

Take a right turn and then a left and there tucked away in a quiet corner of suburbia you will find a tiny place where time forgot to visit.  Little paper bags of lollies for small change and billowy milkshakes that taste of backyard cricket, Golden books and sleepovers at Nana's. Jam jars filled with blousey blooms grace cane tables - a rainbow of paint colours peeking through chips and cracks from a time where people made do with what they had preferring to give something a lick of paint rather than buy new.

With the Winter sunshine on our backs and a box full of vintage stamps in our hands we whiled away a quiet Sunday morning savouring organic coffee and our melodic musings. We chatted of walks to the local corner store as children and our favourite lolly combinations. Freckles and caramel buds were always in my little paper sack whilst his was filled with milk bottles and raspberry and creams. There we laid plans for our future and spoke aloud our dreams for a slow world where neighbourhood dogs are patted and friends gather over Camellia tinted fences united in parenthood and laughter.

A future where our babes' scholarly success isn't equated to a reading level or Naplan test result rather an abundance of curiosity, integrity and love for their fellow man. A rainbow coloured childhood swirled with imagination, literature and bare feet where dreams can never be too big. And where a rich, intrinsic love of learning surpasses any report card grade. Oh may we grant them such a world.

Hand in hand we walked away from this tiny space projecting a quiet peace from within us. We had dotted new wonders on our blueprint and relished the crisp air and the green of whispering trees. The babies' hands were ink stained and from such simple goings on came a deep happiness.  Slow, gentle days.

Could you imagine slowing your world for a time? Where would you go, what would you see? And what lollies would be in your paper bag?

Steph x


  1. I saw this little gorgeous place in one of my magazines and just thought it would be a lovely place to visit, it seems I must try and get there next time I am close by. I love your vision for you and your little ones, one that I too have but location doesn't make it all possible for now....We used to visit our corner shop all the time with pocket money in hand. My lolly bag would definitely have freckles in it too, milk bottles and sherbet cones too. xx

  2. What a wonderful place you and your family have found! Luke and I often talk of our memories of childhood and how we wished Audrey was growing up in an easier, slower time. My bag would always be full of carob pieces and I still love carob! x

  3. Those teeth! I don't know why but they are so fun to eat! Especially when you have a child spirit in your heart and every shaped-candy is like a sight for you! Beautiful shots!

  4. Gorgeous! And, oh, what a world that would be (primary school these days makes me so sad for little one's). On the very rare occasions we were allowed lollies, I chose clinkers, and yummy humbugs (from an old-fashioned lolly shop at Sovereign Hill, in Bendigo) xo


Your words brighten my day! Thank-you so much for joining me on my adventure. x