24 Jun 2013

little things

Little things that make our world. Things I want to capture, tuck away and peek at another day....and smile.

Ever grasping for leafy things.
Peg Basket *
Kale in an old jug equals all kinds of lovely.
Mastering the passionfruit.
Just before she road a ginormous black bull named Midnight.
Rusty curlicues so ignite my imagination.

Steph x

* Visiting a beautiful friend's family property I fell in love with all the green, the trees and the space. The embers for our own tree change have erupted into a magnificent and all consuming blaze. 

Joining in with the beautiful Em.

I'll be drawing my little giveaway soon so please join in.


  1. Love those blooms. Kale? not heard of them.

  2. beautiful x I love passionfruit!

  3. oh now I am craving passionfruit! Such a lovely collection of photos here x

  4. How beautiful are those blooms?! Lovely pics xo

  5. The kale sure makes for such a pretty centrepiece. Some lovely colour in the cold of winter. x

  6. all sorts of beautiful moments in these images steph. captured beautifully as always x

    ps. cant wait to discuss the consuming blaze tomorrow in all sorts of in depth detail xx

  7. Gee I adore that old gate! All such lovely photos Steph.


Your words brighten my day! Thank-you so much for joining me on my adventure. x