28 Nov 2012



To fuel, to strengthen, to provide growth and sustenance. To enliven, to restore, to make hearts sing. To tempt, to comfort.....to nourish.

Lemon Tart from Bill's Basics by Bill Granger. Oh how we love Mr. Granger in these parts!
Cracking open another bottle of our homemade, ruby hued Quince Jelly. Sweet, sweet nectar.
Extra large organic free range eggs....we go through oodles of them each week. Perhaps it's time to fill this backyard with some feathered friends of our very own.
Salt and pepper calamari - squid tubes cut into rings were tossed in seasoned flour and shallow fried for a whisker of time. Spritzed with lemon and sprinkled with a little more sea salt. Eaten with gusto with one hand whilst fighting off the babies with the other!
Neon borlotti beans were boiled to soften then tossed in a hot pan with garlic oil. Smashed onto buttered sour dough toast and topped with chopped parsley and a whisker more garlic oil and sea salt. Oh my word!

What gorgeous smells are permeating from your kitchen lately? What are you devouring?

Last days to enter my little thank-you giveaway too.

Steph x


  1. we fight for calamari also ... yummy! and the more garlic and sea salt the better x

    ps. happy eating x

  2. I too am a Bill fan and though I don't own any of his books I devour them when on loan from the library.
    Eggs...we go through oodles each week too but our own chooks are a way off yet while still renting.
    I received a sour dough starter as a gift from a foodie friend this weekend with a book to match..I am already dreaming of the chance to make sourdough waffles, cakes, crepes and breads. I am astounded at just how versatile sourdough is.
    Your pics have been hankering to do some cooking Steph..off I go :)

  3. One of the most beautiful food posts I've ever seen. Truly.

    Tonight we made a bow-tie pasta with a tomato basil pesto and spring peas, hoping to get around to making scones again for one of these breakfasts coming up x

  4. Oh my! How gorgeous... the photos, the way I can imagine the tastes and smells... delicious :)
    You should def get some feathery friends, there is not much sweeter then the company they provide young ones (and the not so young ones!) and the egg collection is like receiving presents each day...
    We have just made fragrant Elderflower cordial and are enjoying our organic eggs.

  5. I love anything with Lemon in it and that Lemon Tart looks amazing. I'm a fan of Bill Granger too. We are cooking on the BBQ alot at the moment. It is so easy. And throwing lovely big salads together. xo

  6. Oh my Steph! What delights!! Lemon tart...yes please! Hubby said to me the other day he wanted to make salt and pepper squid! Must pop down to the market and whip up a batch!!! And chickens...I could see you with a brood of feathered friends xx

  7. I love borlotti beans (really I love all beans..) but never had them the way you describe! I've gotta try it! x

  8. Oooh I've made that Bill tart - it's a winner. Bill Granger is our go to guy too. Love his recipes. Not one has let us down yet :)
    I am with you on the eggs. I keep bugging my husband about setting up a chicken coup. We love a good egg based meal in this house.
    Hmmmm, food in our house? Lots of lovely salads are starting to hit the meal rotation, which is making for a nice change.
    Lovely photos, once again.

  9. Oh my word - I am practically drooling. Just gorgeous - all of it.

    Nina x

  10. i think those beans sound divine and your tart looks so delicious. such gorgeous images steph. have a happy day. xo

  11. Hi lovely, lovely post and photos. The calamari sounds divine. We were gifted two feathery friends last week. There are photos on my blog:) we are all enjoying them.

  12. Oh this is all music to my ears. Salt and pepper squid is a favourite here. In fact, I'm going to be buying my husband a special spear so he can bring me home some squid on top of the fish he already catches. Our borlottis are very nearly ready and I can't wait to smear them over sourdough just like you have here. My mouth is watering thinking about it! We're thinking about getting some buy buks too! Just been to a chook workshop and will tackle that one once I have the garden in a nice rhythm. Lovely post Steph.

  13. Gorgeous pictures, thanks for sharing Steph.
    Bella xx


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