30 Nov 2012

bread dough magnets

An idea, day to day chatter.
Flour, water, salt. Kneading.
Pudgy fingers. Rollers and cutters.
Slow, gentle heat.
Morning sun, bare feet and ocean toned paints.
Patience and dexterity. Haphazardness and final flourishes.
Hot glue and magnets. Pride.

Sea star magnets for Remy's party were made using this recipe.
Joining in with this magnificent community.

Steph x


  1. I am doing this soon. Too much fun!

  2. Wonderful - and I love pudgy fingers and toes too! xo

  3. these are so cute! I love the colours you/they chose. x

  4. Oh I do love me some salt dough play as much as the kids :)
    We made similar stars to hang on our tree a few years ago, I think the kids would enjoy making them again.
    Your magnets are totally sweet Steph.
    Enjoy your weekend lovely.

  5. That looks like so much fun. I do love those sweet little fingers. Bijou did a beautiful job with her painting. Have a wonderful weekend lovely. xx

  6. these are beautiful! i am aiming for a fully handmade tree this year, though not sure I will convince the hubs, who loves a bit of sparkle! :)sarah

  7. you have been busy! Such a great idea! xo


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