9 Nov 2012


It has been a long time since I have picked up a paint brush. The coarse bristled hardware variety has been a constant companion as we continue to renovate our little home. But the slender, delicate tool for watercolour has been an estranged friend. I have been eager for a reunion.

My baby girls' space beckons her daily and a paint brush is never far from her hand. Sometimes she mixes, and mixes, and mixes some more until the perfect shade only she knows transforms in her cauldron like palette. Other times she splashes whatever colour her brush strikes first with animated almost violent strokes. Often her head is cocked to the side deep in the colourful land of her imagination. Sometimes she asks me to join her.

In the mess of unemptied compost bins, lines full of nappies, unanswered emails and the last toilet roll I find I too often say no. This day the washing lay unfolded, dinner preparations were abandoned and I picked up a brush . Cobalt, cerulean and  prussian blues. Vermilion, celadon and umber. Magenta, columbine and maize. To say their names aloud is a delight in itself. To sweep drenched brushes across a stark matt surface is to awaken the senses; to ask the child within to come out and play.

And play we did.

Steph x

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  1. How lovely it is to paint and be creative!

  2. just found your blog via Nells - such beautiful photos!

  3. Sometimes we need to listen to our hearts and follow those passions..chores will still be there waiting patiently. My mum and brother are artists and lose themselves constantly in their canvases, I used to sit for hours watching them in awe of their talent.
    Your heart must be happy to have finally picked up the brush.

  4. I'm so glad you said "yes" today Steph - a beautiful time for your sweet girl, as well as your own soul x

  5. I came across your blog and I'm glad I did, it's lovely!
    Just loved those pictures you took, I bet your little girls had tons of fun :)

  6. Really love that last picture of your paintings hanging on the line. Beautiful colours.

  7. That is just the most beautiful thing that you left everything else to join in with her painting...
    And may I say how gorgeous your paintings are!
    Ronnie xo

  8. this is beautiful steph. in answer to your question - a canon 5d. i have quite a a few lenses. those ones were taken with the 85mm one - and I don't mind at all :) enjoy the rest of your weekend. xo

  9. Love this post as it reminds me of our house lately where I've been attempting to ignore housework and 'to-dos' and to simply be in the moment with my girls just as you did here. Precious time spent with your big girl painting x


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