8 Aug 2012

The Farm

Almost a year to the day we came here for the first time. Last time he experienced it only through my heart. This time his bright blue eyes took it all in. The creek was full and bubbling. Little whispers of Spring's arrival could be heard.

She rode the same horse...and trotted a little. Oh my!

We ate homemade marshmallows toasted over an open fire. She spent all her waking hours chatting and singing to the goats...her "guys". We picked kumquats, collected eggs and skimmed stones. The sun shone. We lazed.

Time stood still for a few days in this place and we are all the richer for it.


  1. What a lovely, soothing place to be, Steph - so glad that you had a wonderful time :)


  2. Steph that is such a beautiful place to visit, to experience special times together. It looks like it might become your yearly ritual that all of you look back on fondly. You little girl is growing up so big and she is so pretty:) Have a wonderful weekend. xx


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