10 Aug 2012


The traditional August westerly winds, or Ekka winds to those Brissie lovelies have whipped themselves round every corner of our wee house forcing us indoors. Nothing is more eerie to me than the sound of wind howling and rattling windows. It's as if it is taunting me. Daring me to come out in it only to have it lash my face with my hair and send mon petit poppet on a trajectory of all things loopy.

I've seen it with my very own eyes in my former life. Windy days equals "high as kites" children. You can see the slightly deranged glaze curtain their eyes as they become their very own versions of the weather surrounding them. Whirling, spinning, out of control and quite likely to hurl a random inanimate object just for the fun of it .

So we bunkered down inside today. Under my Grandyma's prescription, one must consume hot drinks aplenty to ward of nasty Ekka germs (but of course Ekka germs go hand in hand with Ekka winds). And I'm a good girl...I do as I'm told.

Armed with a stack of old Frankie  paper that I can't bear to throw out, some manilla tags and my gal pal Jan, I endeavoured to whip up some simple gift tags. That is until my girl joined me at the helm. Oh yes, and that windy glaze. A ten minute job I estimated...Ha! Over an hour later and every single decorative stitch explored we had ourselves a stack of cards. As she exuberantly "spun" through this activity (read: debacle) I replaced the bobbin twice, quite nearly ran over my fingers with the needle and almost lost an eye with the bird scissors as they embarked on their own windy adventure.

I adore her enthusiasm, I really do. But oh my giddy aunt! I think I may very well be knighted for this endeavour.

And Ekka wind....blow off!


  1. I am obviously crazy, but I LOVE this EKKA wind! I never feel better than when the wind is up. My solution to kids on windy days (although mine are older than yours) is to take them outdoors and let them run until they get it out of their system.

  2. Frankie mag has so many pretty patterned papers, and the pages are so lovely and thick.
    Love your tags.

  3. The ekka winds always leave me completely addled as well. Great job with your girl, crafting with kids is never remotely how one would imagine is it? melx

  4. Love the cards! Must get myself a proper sewing machine one day with fancy pancy stitches like those ones. I'm impressed with the sewing with kids though - you should definitely be knighted for that one! I'm sure it'll pay off and she'll be sewing all on her own in no time!

  5. and she has the same shape fingernails as you

  6. Sounds crazy! I love your gift tags, and that floral sheet looks familiar - I think there's one in my stash. x

  7. I know knight you Dame Stephanie of the Ekka Wind! What wonderful tags...i just picked up some of those delightful tags at Officeworkds and here i was thinking writing on them was fun...but sewing me some paper is a hoot! I'll be grabbing my girl for some stitching action next time the wind howls! Hope all is lovely and calm now in your world

    ps - hope you got my long winded voice message on your phone! It was a huge thankyou for my scarf, which i have on RIGHT now at work...it's delightful! I'll be rining you soon to discuss our impending QLD trip! much love!!

  8. Gorgeous, i love sewing onto card, but i used iron on adhesive first bless it's no frey abilities, love Posie


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