17 Aug 2012


With lolly pink wool, wonky aluminium needles and a good dose of concentration tongue poking I embarked on my knitting journey. Mum at my side no doubt trying desperately to control the urge to snatch the needles from my grasp and do it for me. She never, ever did.

Over and over she watched me slowly wrap the yarn and slip each loopy stitch off the needle. She unravelled countless Houdini knots and tangles. She soothed my impatience and gently steered me toward projects far more suited to my blossoming ability than that stripey blazer in the latest issue of Dolly magazine. All the while she knit.

She knit jumpers for my tiny adolescent frame when all those around swum on me. Special trips to the local haberdashery were made to peruse the wall of buttons and carefully select just the right ones from their little cylinder.  Tortoiseshell, wood and pearl.

And still I while away many moments wrapping yarn and slipping stitches off the needle. Still the journey continues albeit much faster these days. Such pleasure it gives me to make fabric with my hands. Fabric that warms my neck, my toes...my poppet's heads. 

A million thank-yous Mum for sharing your knowledge in your ever serene and gentle way.

Berets for my loves ravelled here and here.


  1. Well bravo to you for perservering! I tried knitting as a wee child too but found i prefered cross stitch and beading or collage and then sewing more to my liking. I wonder if I'll ever try it again! Those breret are just divine steph! Is it cold enough for them? We had a day full of swimming and helping out a school on Thursday so sorry we missed you! Have a great weekend and we'll definitely speak soon! xx

  2. you cannot possibly go wrong with concentration tongue poking, it is the key ingredient! Your poppets look too sweet for words as always! xx

  3. Just gorgeous - and who could resist those beautiful blue eyes?

  4. Oh so chic, love them, nothing Frenchier than rosey cheeked children with berets on, beautiful Steph, love Posie

  5. Beautiful. I love the sweet little hats.
    Sadly my knitting skills aren't quite there yet...one day.

  6. Can your two little ones get any sweeter Steph:) Such a lovely memory you have of your Mum teaching you knit and some day maybe it will be Bijou telling that same story of how she learnt to knit. I would love to one day graduate from the scarf knitting. My mother in law is a fantastic knitter I must sit down with her so she can teach me, it's such an important skill to have and to be able to pass onto the next generation. Have a wonderful Wednesday Steph. xx


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