28 Aug 2012


The weather has turned here and the sun strips our outer layers of clothing off quickly now. Thick hoodies and Mumma knitted cardigans have been washed and packed away with smiles and sighs and dreams. But this one, it stays in his cupboard. He has only worn it a handful of times and each time I swoon. I know that with each passing day his tummy will swell and grow too big for it. My boy.

Knit with as soft as down baby alpaca yarn and every ounce of love for him. Remy's Milo vest Ravelled here.


  1. This is so cute! I wish I could knit...

  2. Oh my goodness - could Remy seriously be ANY cuter? x

  3. Seriously Steph...if I wasn't coming up your way soon I'd be chopping on the bit to get a chance to squeeze those cheeks and give him a big cuddle! I envy your knitting prowess! lovely days to you my sweetness xx

  4. He is adorable (as is the Milo) I love that pattern (but then you already know that)
    I need to chat and get some doll making advise, I need to make a Where's Wally for Kinder. They have a very manky life sized one that needs replacing with a smaller, cuddly, washable Wally.

  5. Gosh your little boy is adorable.
    The milo vest is such a versatile knit and one of my favourites :)


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