20 Aug 2012

New Life


Today our feet tread on grass for the first time in ages. We cast open all the windows and doors and beckoned Spring in. The morning sun's sting whispers that she's nearly here. It's time to think about the vegetable garden and dust off forgotten plans and dreams for it. Ideas that seem wasted in the dark of Winter with too much rain and not enough sun now start percolating. They start to grow.

Some soil, some egg shells and some seeds. Fingers pressing new life ever so carefully into its new nutrient rich home. Last year she cracked most of the shells with her chubby toddler fingers but now her dexterity makes my heart flutter. I can see my baby girl is growing too.


  1. Egg shells for seedlings! Brilliant idea and one I'll be filing away for later for sure.

  2. how delightful Steph! I wonder if eager eyes will be waiting in anticipation for the sight of sprouting vines!!! So lovely to chat with you....like talking to an old friend! Can't to meet up IRL!!!!! much love to you all
    B xx

  3. We are starting to do the same thing here and have our egg shells at the ready (think that it may be this weekends job) I only wore three layers today instead of five. A sure sign it is warming up don't you think.

  4. GLORIOUS, bring on Spring!! Love Posie


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