6 Oct 2011

Our Creative Space

There is a trés dapper fellow taking up residence in our little vegie patch! May I introduce Happy Happy (aptly named by mon petit poppet) in all his jovial glory.

With the help of our beloved Nana we set to work bringing a pile of op shopped kiddies clothes, a roughly sewn calico bag (curved at the top) and a giant bale of straw into our very own Werzel Gummidge.

Firstly we pulled his jeans over the wooden stake frame and secured the bottoms with string followed by a thorough stuffing with straw. Then a red ribbon belt to keep him from losing his trousers! Happy Happy is after all a gentleman.

Next, his prerequisite flannelette shirt and still more stuffing....

By this stage poppet could see him coming to life and her excitement was palpable!

A rather creepy looking head followed...that is...until my little Van Gogh adorned him with his handsome features. ( I must admit to adding a whisker of extra paint to his mouth when poppet wasn't looking as the "grimace" she'd painted on was reminiscent of a bad 80's horror movie and quite frankly...gave me the heebie jeebies!)

A jaunty red bandanna from a scrap of spotty fabric and he was ready to take on the world....or the possums and pesky turkeys in this instance.

And as my girl has taken to naming everything doubly....Happy Happy came about! He's rather a gentile fellow and rather than "scaring" away the sneaky vegie patch prowlers..he merely asks them politely to move on their way. So far so good Happy Happy!

I do declare that it is a veritable smorgasbord of crafty goodness over here this week.


  1. Too cute - and the scare crow is pretty cute too!

  2. He looks cute - he is certain to keep the birds away:)

  3. This is such a great thing to make - and I love the face!

  4. Oh he is fabulous! I hope he does his job. x

  5. He is quite the smart looking gentlemen farmer. I love the enthusiasm of Bijou - he looks amazing! Here's to a future full of a turkey free vege garden!


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