21 Oct 2011

Making Me Smile Today :)

After the bazillionth reading of this book, mon petit poppet decided she'd try her hand at "bower" making...

Pondering just the right spot.....such careful selection of blue things....such thoughtful placement....

Now sit very quietly... and watch...and wait...to see if he comes!

Imagination is simply magic!



  1. We love Steve Parish books too... we haven't got this one. I can see that we'll have to get in there. A little Bower Girl is so sweet I can hardly take it! x

  2. We have the same book! And once we found a real bower bird nest at a holiday house in the country. So cute of her to make her own- perhaps you can both sew a softie bower bird to match. melx

  3. I'm with bungalowgirl - a little softie bower bird sounds in order. She is such a cute bower girl!

  4. oh my she is growing so quick!!! look at her!!! This is just divine steph...what wonderful memories you and her are making xx

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwww that is so gorgeous! I'm curious about the book!


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