17 Oct 2011

Ah....Gorgeous Serendipity!!

I just adore when the crafty and thrifty fairies get together for a chai latte and a sliver of cake or two and have a chat about how they'd love to bestow a well meaning crafty Mumma out there in "giant" world with a project that is so serendipitous it makes one squeal with delight. Better yet, I love when they choose me!! Such was my op shoppy find this week and the resulting bags of loveliness that materialised after mere moments zipping away on Jan.

Mon petit poppet has rather a penchant for anything of the fauna variety (well...flora as well but that's another story) and hence her collection of play animals is that to rival Noah's wee ark party. Her menagerie has shacked up quite happily albeit a tad squished in a vintage basket with this play mat but it was coming quite apparent that the wild animals, the dinosaurs, the insects and the farm animals just were not getting along. Time to play zoo keeper and intervene.
Enter those gorgeous glittery gals intent on making my day and behold folded neatly in one little pile in one little op shop an insect pillowcase, a farm animal pillowcase and a dinosaur bed sheet. The clouds parted and sun shone down upon the little shelf and I swear I heard a tinkling of teensy bells!!

A little stamped piece of calico roughly zigzagged onto the front and a whisker of ribbon folded in half and attached in the middle at the back and my girl's creatures (of EVERY walk of life!) are suitably housed.
She delights in "reading" the bags using the piccies as clues as she chooses which friends will come out and play today. And me...well I'm wondering if I could pull off red heels and a jaunty black hat  (minus the antennae bien sur!) as my shape is remarkably similar to this petit ladybird lady!


  1. Well done. We gave little LEGO growing and breeding around here. Have a few bags to make next week for Amelia's class

  2. Those little bags are bursting with cuteness. Particularly love the little stamping touch.

  3. This is such a wonderful and simple idea, one that I may just adapt for the little bits and pieces we have floating around :)

  4. I love it when the op shop provideth, gorgeous fabrics and such a good way to solve such a common problem. melx


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