23 Oct 2011

Grateful for....Lifeguards

Yesterday we saw a young fellow plucked from the water and resuscitated back to life.  How can something be so spine chillingly horrific yet so utterly amazing at the same time?

These men and women are magnificent! And for them I am so truly grateful.


  1. Oh wow. Yep those men and woment in the yellow & red sure are important. Especially at this time of year.

  2. Argh! Drowning is one of my great fears (me drowning, my kids drowning... anyone drowning). You are so right to pay homage to our surf lifesavers and the amazing job they do sorting us out. x

  3. Oh steph!!! what a whirlwind of emotions that must of been. I'm with maxabella, I'm not a confident swimmer, so am quiet fearful of drowning, or becoming anxious in the water. What amazing spirited lifesavers we have here is Aus....we are so lucky! After spending a month o/s I very rarely saw the diligence and commitment that we have here on our beaches.

    thinking of you lots....are you up for a phone chat...let me know the best time to ring (and your home phone number too!!!)

    b xx

  4. oh my golly gosh. What a thing to see :(

  5. Um yes. That is something to be truly grateful for! xx


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