3 Oct 2011

Living the Good Life

Bunkering down inside feeling a wee bit like Dorothy in her sparkly red shoes as the wind outside shook the windows sending shivers down my spine......a spot of embroidery for a little kitchen-y project....

Baking this choccie cake with fresh cream and blueberries....

for this man as he braved the winds and worked all weekend demolishing a very shoddy retaining wall half the length of our yard....and then rebuilding it...

Admiring "old school" flowers...

Finally hanging some vintagey bunting made too long ago to remember... looking at it from time to time...smiling often...

Love, love, loving my little piece of heaven's crafty space which has been constantly overflowing with cut up bits of paper since Mumma bought her some poppet friendly scissors and she found her groove with cutting with them....

Injecting small pops of colour into our world....

Taming a cantankerous sciatic nerve by sitting Victorian lady straight whilst starting a little vest for mon petit poppet....for next Winter!....

Picking up, flicking through, curling up with one or all of these delicious new books (have had oodles of custom and wholesale orders for mon petit poppet so thought I might indulge myself a wee bit!) ....more often than not putting all the mentioned projects on hold to stare at my giant belly squirming and wriggling...so surreal.... and absolutely magic!


  1. I remember indulging in the same thing...kicking back with a book and watching the dancing taking place in my tum :)

    Sounds like your place has been a hive of activity...love that bunting.

  2. Congrats on all your sales and you enjoy lots of feet up, baby belly appreciating time. I have the same butterful cushion as you! melx

  3. so many things to relate to.. the tummy, the books, the retaining wall (!!), crafting by little ones (and maybe a touch from the big!), just wish I had one of those beautiful cakes sitting on my kitchen bench!
    hope you are keeping well,
    Michelle xx

  4. I have some of those books and the others I'd love to have. It does look like the good life...that cake.. HMMMM

  5. That cake looks lovely. Yay to sales without having to spend a whole day at market:) see you next week.

  6. oh sweetheart...look at all that goodness you are surrounding yourself with!! A happy mother brings about happy child and babe! I can't remember when you are due....have you been making some lovelies for your newbie?? Oh, i just wish i could pop on over for a cuppa and some of that delicious cake! Happy crafting lovely girl xx


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