1 Sep 2011

My Creative Space - The Sock Saga!

Twas a blustery Winter's eve when a crafty lass blossoming with a swollen belly full of baby embarked on a mission...a rather ridiculous one in hindsight...but a mission nonetheless. Her desire fueled by hope, curiosity and not a too shy amount of cockiness was to make socks!

A vintage basket overflowing with pointy needles, sock yarn and a cryptic pattern followed and hence began the saga of the socks. Her road was peppered with many an obstacle...knitting in the round for starters, working with four pointy little sticks akin to juggling dry spaghetti, picking up stitches, etc.... And although her challenges were vast, her perseverance and spirit remained. After many a night tucked up on her lounge she completed the first sock!!

With triumph she declared to her lovely Hubby that she had finished. And with the next breath and shoulders slumped she made the realisation that she had to do it all over again.

One trip to a country getaway and many a late night later she was nearing completion of her sock journey when tragedy struck. Popping out of the room whilst her babe played quietly on the floor she returned to discover her pointy tools plucked from her meticulously knitted stitches and poking voodoo doll like from her ball of yarn. "I made an echidna!" chortled her wee poppet!!! Stitches picked up, disaster abated...many a deep breath taken!

Finally with a final flick of a yarn needle and a ceremonious snip of the scissors her quest was over. She had made socks! The weather was now turning from chilly to balmy but the lass endured those socks...sweaty, clammy feet and all...day and night!

For other crafty treats let's take a peek here.

Postscript: Last night the lass peered down to discover a hole in the region of her big toe with all those stitches unravelling. With a venemous, "Bugger!" she did what she does best. She turned the now loathed wooly creation inside out, revved up her trusty sewing pal Jan and stiched the life out of that toe. She is only human after all!!!


  1. haha, love the story of the socks! great job though, the look awesome! confession: i have a half completed lacy sock on my 4 pointy needles, and i'm not sure when the knitting will resume!:)

  2. Oh, this is such a cute post! I can just imagine you fixing what was undone in a mad frenzy!

    (A very cute mad frenzy...)


  3. What a wonderful story. A challenge surmounted indeed! Well done.

  4. Lol, great story! I love knitted socks and in fact, the only socks that I darn... are the knitted socks! (any other type of sock would get tossed in the bin if it had a hole in them!!)

  5. Congratulations!! I finally gave up on my sock knitting challenge. You should be very proud!

  6. You are a master story teller :)
    Love the tale of how your socks came to be...they are great!!

  7. Oh socks! I looked at the pattern and then decided to cheat and do it greek grandma style with just 2 needles - I will learn to read knit one day. Good on you.


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