20 Sep 2011

Belated "Dadda's" Day

Papa bears are just so easily pleased aren't they?! Fondue on Dadda's Day Eve at our fave Swiss Restaurant....

Our traditional "Paris" brekkie the next morn (This spread greeted us each morning on the basement floor of our quaint little hotel on our honeymoon in Paris...and again years later when we stayed there again...oh the lure of the "laughing cow" cheese!)

And a wee Soulemama inspired, poppet made bookmark. One for Dadda...one for Poppy...and one for Grandfather (or Ajafather as mon bébé calls him).

Piccies drawn on A3 paper (she is only 2 and a half after all) where whisked off to the local newsagency to be reduced to a more manageable size. Bijou deliberating over just the right shade of embroidery floss in the cotton aisle at Spotlight...an adventure in itself!! Mumma bear whiling away a good week of poppet day time sleeps to get them done in time.

My girl and I choosing matching vintage fabrics and sewing them together on Jan. Again another adventure that required a bucket load of patience and the odd time out...for me, that is!

Ajafather simply had to have spikey hair....don't you love those eyes?!!!

And Poppy's giving us a wave...

As for Dadda...well those little lines above his head... who knows what they are...but let me tell you mon petit poppet insisted they be there!

I'd like to think perhaps they're little halos!


  1. Adorable - what a cute idea:)

  2. Her drawings are amazing!!
    They usually do the arms out of the head at that age! Beautiful work!xx

  3. OH that is so funny, i love Ajafather's crazy hypno eyes!! Love Posie

  4. Yes they like the simple things don't they:) Those drawings you made into bookmarks are just adorable Steph, they are so precious. I hope you are feeling better. xo

  5. They're really lovely Steph! What a great way to preserve those sweet drawings they do :)

  6. The bookmarks are adorable..... My girls love to call their Dad "Dadda" as well.

  7. They are super cute! And will be treasured for sure.


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