21 Sep 2011

Hankies for my B!

I abhor tissues! I detest how they lie about the house all manky and germ ridden . Or scrunched in a festering ball in the bottom of your pocket waiting to take a spin around the washing machine emblazoning all and sundry (usually attire of the darker variety) with Monet white speckles. ...

Hankies...especially gorgeous vintagey ones however, couldn't be lovelier.

How could I resist these vintage, still in the box beauties for my own little B!

For the most gorgeous tale of op shopping delight pop over to my quilting teacher extrodinaire's lovely blog.


  1. oh a Bless-you for Bijou! i love them...they are adorable. thankfully my sneezes have ceased but it would have been more bearable with a little lovely like that in my pocket!! great find xx

  2. Tanya @ Suburban Jubilee blog just convinced me to change over to hankies the other day. The one's your acquired for your daughter are lovely. I need to get myself some pretty ones too. Lovely dovely.


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