12 Sep 2011

A King Amongst Men

I have been a virtual infection magnet the last few weeks attracting all and sundry to my poor suffering body. There was the sore throat that made medieval surgery with nought but the aid of a stick to bite on for pain relief seem like a walk in le Bois de Bologne! Then there was the hacking cough that would win me the prize ribbon hands down in a wino impersonating competition.

And because I'm a greedy lass I couldn't refuse the delightful conjunctivitis infection that glued not one but both of my eyes together. But the cherry on the top was an ear infection that has rendered me quite deaf in one ear for the time being. I'm such a generous soul playing host to all these viral house fellows aren't I?!

But through it all....he was there...he was always there! He has cooked, cleaned, washed, bathed, dressed, fed and both mothered and fathered our babe (and even me on occasion when I stepped wearily out of the shower and was simply too tired to dry myself), put her to bed....put me to bed! Made me gorgeous chicken soups and banana breads....and kept my spirits up. He has gently but firmly convinced me I am doing too much and need to rest more. For this and all his other magic I am so grateful.

My soul buddy....I love you to Andromeda and back a bazillion times!
You are a king amongst men!


  1. Yuck! Feel better soon. Being preggers and sick is the worst. Very lucky for such a lovely caring hubby :)

  2. What an icky sicky time you have had. Hope you are feeling better. What a lovely partner you have, most certainly a 'King amongst men! Glad to hear you have someone who will look after you and your babe when needed x

  3. Steph, so sorry to hear you haven't been fairing too well, hope you are better very soon. But my...you have now made everyone who reads your blog absolutely swoon at the thought of such an amazing man. Don't get me wrong, my hubby is a true gem and I love him dearly, but perhaps he could benefit from a couple of little pointers! look after yourself, Michelle xxx

  4. Well he is a total keeper isn't he? I know exactly what you are going through. I had back to back sinus infections in my second pregnancy and was on antibiotics for the first time in about 15 years. I think the wonky pregnant immune system plus festy 2 yo bringing home the germs is a really bad combination. Rest up and it will pass, the weather is warming up now so hopefully you can shake all these nasties and get back to enjoying your bump. melx

  5. Aw. His love and care are surely almost worth getting sick for. Almost! I hope you are all better now. Steph. x

  6. What a lovely tribute to your soulmate!!!
    Hope you're feeling better, 'cause lucky you sure are!!!
    All the best

  7. You are one lucky lady Steph! Not on the infection side of things but the lovely hubby side of things. What a gem he is! Rest up and get well soon x

  8. Honey hugs - feel terrible that I have been so busy with my own doings that I have not checked in on you. School holidays are up soon. Happy to have Miss B for a morning play if you need to have a little wee rest:) We have to catch up (but dont want you doing too much)
    Love to all
    x K

  9. well Steph, I must say, if you had to go and get sick, may as well be full on or nothing at all. And given you've got yourself one hellava knight in shining armor there making you all sorts of medicinal feel better foods i do hope that you are on the mend. Pronto! That note is so cute....and so is that first pic! well, i'm sending you vibes of health and vitality and loads of spring sunshine to make that bounce return! much love my sweet friend xx


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