31 Aug 2011

It's the Little Things

Armed with nought but a bowl of walnuts courtesy of the local fruit and veg shop, an old paver and a wee little hammer we set to work....

The early morning air still befriending Winter and the lawn shiny and fluorescent green from yesterday's rain..

The patience...the care...the gentle tap-tap-tapping. Once shown how to do something this girl simply must do everything by herself! Mmm....patience is wearing thin..."Mumma, I need anudder hammer....a BIG hammer!"

Again with the tap-tap-tapping...perhaps a little more sprightly than before...

And finally....

THE most creamy and delectable walnuts I've ever had! What a gorgeous way to while away the last morning of Winter. It really is the little things :)


  1. You are so right. It IS the little things.

    This brings back memories of our grandparents' place. They had a walnut tree and we delighted in cracking them open and eating them. So delightful!

    I hope your daughter has memories of this very thing too! xx

  2. Where is your pink girlie renovator hammer?? I love forcing children to slow down with the little things. Love Posie

  3. Little things give such simple pleasure :)
    My Uncle had walnuts trees and every year we would look forward to the bagfuls he would bring us to devour.

  4. So cute!. Now if that was miss Liongirl she would have hit it once, and it would have been smashed to oblivion. melx


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