19 Sep 2011

It's the Little Things

A whisker of oil....a sprinkling of popping corn....a glass lidded wok to watch the magic unfold...

"The kernels are all rolled up like a ball, Mumma"....


Such a simple (and healthy) yet deceptively moreish afternoon treat. And it doesn't matter how many times we do it, there are always jumps and squeals of excitement as that first golden bead erupts and morphs into a fluffy white cloud.

It really is the simple things.


  1. We love popcorn in these parts too.

  2. Oh Steph! Yet again you have beautifully captured a priceless moment. Bijou is so blessed to have you as her mum. J x

  3. Precious moments, aren't they? What a little pet.

  4. So true!! We far prefer to pop our own corn here too :)


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