8 Jul 2011

Making me smile today....

Freshly washed vintage serviettes blowing in the breeze in the Winter sunshine....reminding me of cosy dinners with my loves!

On a far less cheery note....is anyone else having trouble commenting?! I have some beloved blogs that I pop into every day but blogger won't let me comment (and I can't email them to tell them ...boo hoo!). It seems to be the ones with the comment box embedded into the post. Some lovelies have changed their comment box to a pop up menu and that seems to fix things every time. Thanks so much! Don't want to hassle you into changing but would hate to think you're missing out on lovely warm wishes! And we all love to share those :)


  1. No having trouble commenting - but please phone me - I am over talking to your answering machine;)
    Enjoy the sunshine - off to make picklets and enjoy them in the sun.

  2. That is a beautiful photo! I haven't had any blogger problems lately.

  3. I was having trouble commenting also until I 'un ticked' the 'keep me signed in' box - try that and see if it works.

    Have just discovered your blog (via Maxebella Loves) and am having a lovely time going through it while enjoying a cuppa.

  4. Beautiful picture and mental piccy. Blogger is just being plain old silly in lots of ways lately, mine seems to be working... had to do a test comment myself to check for you as I haven't had any comments for a while...I am being stubborn and refusing to blog now... hee hee...I've thrown my toys out of the cot dear hubby says;)

  5. oh yes, the gorgeousness of fresh linen! I have random blogger issues. Not sure what goes on sometimes!!! But hate when i can't comment too ;-)


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