6 Jul 2011

Going to Monty's

One of mon petit poppet's favourite outings is to a restaurant..no surprises there considering this little munchkin has vacuum cleaner like tendencies when it comes to food. And on the top of her list is Montezuma's (or Monty's to us), a Mexican restaurant exploding with colour and taste sensations.

When asked what she was doing at her little table and chairs this morning as she sat Oliver (her teddy) and friends down she nonchalantly replied, "going to Monty's". How could I resist! Together we listed some menu items. Poppet suggested them, I wrote them down and then she drew a picture to help Oliver choose. We made tortillas by tracing around plates and cutting them out....

And then we played! Mmm what a delicious warm tortilla!!

Perhaps I'll fold it up like a burrito....

Some water for you Big teddy? Oliver, how is your enchilada?

And a top up after a little bit too much spicy cheese dip.

Such a simple, inexpensive game that amused my girl and I daresay me, for hours.

Perhaps we'll head out for curry tomorrow!


  1. oh looks like fun, what a great mum you are:)

  2. what a precious moment to spend with your daughter... I want mexican for dinner now ;)

  3. Seriously cute, Steph. My munchkins haven't 'done' Monty's before, but I'm inspired to rake them there soonest!! x

  4. Oh too adorable, maybe when we're in Brisbane we'll try Monty's too. I have a nephew named Monty & his parents call him Montezooma, there you go!! Love Posie


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