27 Jul 2011

♪ Animal crackers in my soup.. ♪

I didn't quite comprehend how much this wriggly bump of mine is slowing me down until I realised I am posting about our weekend....on Wednesday night! I have always been one to go at lightening speed but finally feeling at home in this role of stay-home-Mumma I am learning to slow down....a wee bit anyway ;) Pancakes with natural yoghurt and stewed berries...yum!

A fresh batch of washing powder...trying a new recipe and so far loving the results...

And a trip to a gorgeous animal sanctuary for our nature loving poppet.

She could have spent all day here wandering amongst these sleepy creatures....delighting at their ear twitching, tummy scratching and hop..hop...hopping!

All aboard the log express! Isn't imagination such a magical thing. Always portable, costs nothing and can make fun out of anything...and melt the odd heart too.

Have been sorting (and making more trips to the Life Line bin than Hubby knows!) and de-cluttering.....missing my crafting though. Think I need a slow day tomorrow....just me, my girl and maybe a lunch time date with Jan. We haven't caught up for ages!


  1. You had me at the pancakes. They look divine! I don't often think to visit wildlife sanctuaries, even though there are a couple nearby us. I'm going to pop that on my list of weekend outings. And now I'm off to have a look at your sweet looking tutorials :)

  2. Oh yes, pregnancy hit the brakes on me, i was soooo ill, every time. I would sit like a whale & let them play, an animal park sounds like a great idea. They LOVE kangaroos, so much nicer to see them hanging about happily than leaping in front of our car. Love Posie

  3. I love that pregnancy cause me to slow down...with such a hectic life it's the only chance I really get to slow the pace a little.

  4. Looks like she had fun - slowing down is a good thing - will you be up for a catch up next week - My new helper in the kitchen has arrived and is making endless amouts of yummy food.
    Take care
    x K

  5. I've just seen your good news- Congratulations!! I'm due in 8 weeks time and I keep waiting for a burst of energy so I can do some 'nesting' and get the house in order before the baby arrives. It doesn't seem to be happening! I hope you are getting the chance to put your feet up x x

  6. oh and look at how close you are to that bird (as lovely as it is) you brave sole:)

  7. I love that you also sneak out to the LifeLine bin. I don't want husbie to know that stuff is going out when I am only buying more... you know? x

  8. Hi Steph,
    Hope you and bub are well. Enjoy every minute of 'slowing down' x

  9. Speaking of Jan (I'm assuming you mean your sewing machin) - thank you soooooo much for the gorgeous package that came in the mail this week! Too cute, if only it was warm enough to put on Frog right now! Enjoy the nesting!

  10. love reading what you're up to...it always seems calm at your house! could you please share your washing powder reciepe?


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