3 Jul 2011

Living the Good LIfe!

Meandering around the local farmers' market to gather a rainbow of goodies...swiss brown mushies, ruby red strawberries and raspberries and heritage tomatoes in all knobbly shapes and sizes.....

Placing vases of snapdragons where they'll catch my eye from time to time...and make me smile often!....

Replenishing the herb garden as mon petit poppet has done her best locust impression and plucked them bare (all gets happily gobbled up with a "mmm, very tasty, bit strong, very tasty!") and adding pops of colours with these "little gems"....

and these!...

Mixing up and sipping my Momle's old honey and lemon drink to soothe sore throats....wiping many a nose....

Putting up my feet and enjoying le bébé wriggling. Love, love, loving this book!

Sighing with contentment as I delicately nibble (o.k....stuff in my mouth!) another rainbow hued macaron....

Filling these gorgeous little ladies with homey goodness....some nutty spelt flours, heady smelling cocoa...and then arranging...and re-arranging them in the kitchen....

Sewing this pile of sherbet coloured squares together for my girl's "big girl bed" quilt.

Wishing it could be the weekend everyday!


  1. I love reading your posts! they are always so fresh and happy! That that little image of Bijou tasting the herbs, how gorgeous. And those raspberries, yum! Oh, and the wriggles, if only I could feel them again...
    Have a great week, Michelle xx

  2. oh! and the cannisters, would give my left leg for them (especially because it hurts so much after my run!).. and that delicious vintage fabric... must stop drooling and go do some work! xx

  3. It all looks wonderful. I have the same snapdragons in white, except mine are from the weekend before last and are looking decidedly worse for wear.
    Love your choice of glass for your honey and lemon drink, looks like just the kind of thing to help pep you up. Loving the fabrics for the quilt (and smiling as I recognise the fabric you used in my tissue holder, which is getting quite a workout this winter).
    So happy to hear you enjoying your pregnancy experience also :)

  4. Oh My! look at all that loveliness, i don't know where to start! The flowers, the produce, the macaroons (oh my!) or those gorgeous canisters (what a find!). I hope your well, resting and enjoying every moment with your delightful family and the joy of waiting for your new arrival! much love gorgeous xx

  5. sounds perfect Steph ... those raspberries look delicious and i that book sounds very interesting x
    hope you are on the mend now and taking things slow xxx

  6. What a lovely Sunday in photos!

    We braved the farmers market too, and stocked up on berries and more herbs for the garden - and I stood in front of the little french sweet stall and the beautiful, decadent cake stall for an age, but still came away empty handed!

    Hoping you're feeling a bit brighter this week :)



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