18 Jul 2011

Living the Good Life

Feeling a wee bit caged in this week, we heralded the arrival of the weekend with brunch at a favourite café and a much needed, soul replenishing potter around a favourite antique-y haunt....

Doing my very best not to fall for these puppy dog eyes! Thinking poppet really needs a vintage pyjama bag in the shape of the cutest canine.... hoping he'll still be there next time.

Sighing with pleasure as I soaked in all this gorgeousness. Hot choccies with marshmallows (note the plural!) and vintage china...ain't life grand!

The thrill of drinking from a water bubbler....

Making pizzas with Daddy....

Liberally sprinkling fresh spinach from the garden...her guzzling whole anchovies straight from the jar....me feeling that chill up my spine each time I think of her munching away in delight!

Finishing off a wee baby quilt for a dear friend's new little man.....

Avoiding eye contact with this lovely and being such a strong girl not even opening the package a sliver....

Putting these gals first. Repeating mantra..."I must finish the other sock, I must keep painting the chairs, I must finish the other sock, I must keep painting the chairs!"...

Shooing this crafty fellow out of our potato patch...and then briskly turning on my heel as he chased after me....coming to the long overdue conclusion that birds and I will never be kindred spirits!

Gorging on sticky buns late Sunday afternoon (their rising time took a wee bit longer than anticipated). Deciding that oodles of butter, sugar, cinnamon and a sweet bread dough washed down with milky tea can indeed comprise a well rounded evening meal?

What did you and your loves enjoy on the weekend?


  1. Beautiful post. I'd love that vintage shop too, love the pastel crockery on dresser. Those buns look delicious!

  2. oh steph,, seriously, if i was your neighbour I'd be popping over yours way to much as it just seems such a delight at your house!! what a scrummy little bric-a-brac shop you found and those scrolls, oh yum! Seems your crafty list is keeping you busy, but you most certainly are living the good life! Enjoy every moment! xx

  3. Oh my, there is lots of loveliness in there! The photo of your wee girl topping pizza is absolutely delightful, and is that an alphabet sampler or a poster or what, where etc-it is divine looking, me WANT!

  4. Looks lovely! Especially those sticky buns!

  5. All of the above. I 'm also very curious about the alphabet sampler?.
    My weekend was busy showing Slow Food Hunter around our farm, and a little bit of housekeeping and I managed to find a wee bit of time to relax while Mark planted a couple hundred onions.

  6. Your scrolls are so much better looking than my scrolls! Story of my life, really. LOL.

    My Badoo eats olives and gherkins straight from the jar which I thought was pretty hard-core for a threenager. I haven't tried her on anchovies yet... yikes!


  7. What a wonderful weekend you all had, nothing better than a bit of vintage ferretting and hot chocolate making. Cannot believe that divine girl scoffs down whole anchovies! melx

  8. That is my favourite shop in that street. Last time I was in there a little hat for me came home:) The sticky buns look great and yes washed down with milky tea is a fine evening meal:)
    Hope the bird stays away - love that you got close enough to take a photo.

  9. You certainly are living the good life. Such a warm and toasty post that makes me smile. It's so nice to reflect on the good stuff in our lives isn't it.


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