11 Jul 2011

Living the Good Life

Stacking this delicious old kitchen hutch with equally delicious old fabrics and bits and bobs of loveliness....

Replenishing our eco-friendly house cleaning kit....

Marveling at the wonder of steel wool and how with some gentle yet forceful scrubbing I willed this miraculous op shop bargain back from the corroded edges of death....

Pondering which of these Nana inspired treats to concoct first....

Strutting around proud as a peacock wearing my one completed sock...and casting on the second soon after before the desire to complete the pair abandons me altogether....

Zhooshing up an old wooden outdoor setting with a lick of paint in my favourite hue....

Making fuchsia pink berry smoothies with my bunny girl.... and getting lost in those eyes...

And relishing a perfect Devonshire tea made by my man....what a gem!

Hoping your weekend was a delightful one :)


  1. well, haven't you got your crafty mojo back in full swing!! Must be that energetic second trimester!!! Love , Love Love the kitchen hutch!!! Just amazing! I'm new at the whole eco cleaning products at the moment and loving my lemon scented all purpose cleaner, i would love to know what else you make! Bijou is just too cute - and how's this- my hubby makes scones too! They could have a bake off!!! happy crafting gorgeous friend xx

  2. Far out Steph, you are too awesome for words!!!! x

  3. Lots of loveliness at your home Steph, I can feel how cosy and homely it feels from here. The sock is looking good, perfect for the cold weather we're having. I hope you are well. xo

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Those devon cream teas sure do look yummy!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  5. Goodness are you in advanced nesting mode or what! LOVE IT all! The gorgeous bunny girl, the steel wool scrubup, the chairs and especially that glorious hutch. Nothing better for a fabric stash I think- I have been watching a few on ebay as well but have a pine one that just needs a good paint makeover. Need to knuckle down once all the germs have been banished from the house. melx

  6. Oh she's growing up so fast, look at the grown up bunny Bijou is now!! Love Posie


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