14 Jun 2011

The Weekend

Still warm tea cake and mugs of steamy hot chocolate in the sun on the back deck to reward the toiler (he put up a brand new shed all on his lonesome)....

Harvesting oodles of New Zealand silver beet from the wee vegie patch.....

And turning it into scrummy filo pies!.....

Breathing new life into some gorgeous vintage wool blankets. A wash in heavenly smelling wool mix and a flap on the line in the sun left them smelling and feeling divine....time for new binding made from vintage sheet scraps to cover the weathered blanket stitch....

And straining my brain...and finger coordination with little double pointed needles.

We are so loving this Winter sunshine and slow weekends full of pottering!


  1. What a delightful sounding weekend :)

    Your filo pies looks scrummy as does your tea cake and what I wouldn't give for more vintage woollen blankets.

    Enjoy your week


  2. look you in all your baking, crafty, homely goodness!! you could be transported back to the 30's and you'd fit right in! Love it all - what a lovely way to spend the weekend....
    yum, i could really go some of that scrummy filo pie (and cake of course!)

  3. What a gorgeous selection of home made, home grown and home cooked goodies. melxne

  4. Yum! (Yum is probably not quite the right word for blankets, but given how cold this Melbourne night is, warm = delicious to me!)

  5. I love home grown silver beet, looks delish! Your knitting looks clever too!

  6. the filo pasty was just divine ... i know because i was lucky enough to be given one!
    Lovely Steph ... you are the best! x see you Friday xxxx

  7. Can I come over to your place?

  8. OMG How did I miss this - you are knitting socks - there will be NO stopping you - well done my lovely


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