6 May 2011

My Creative Space - Tissue Cosies

I'm a cryer. Always have, always will be. Doesn't take much at all for me to feel that familiar sting in the eyes and for the waterworks to commence. I cry when others cry, when others are being brave and trying not to cry, I cry at happy things like old folks holding hands and sad things like hardly anyone turning up to someone's party. Oh my, the lip is quivering as I type.

This week I've been busy finishing off a few wee thank-you pressies for some delightful souls (hopefully not quite as emotional as me!). With a few vintage sheets, some embroidery thread and some Grand Prix driving on old Jan I whipped up quite a few little tissue holders. I must admit some are a little wonky than others but when you're nose is dripping like a tap during a replay of Steel Magnolias or Beaches are you really going to care? I think not.

But my all time bawl along movie would have to Anne of Green Gables. When Mathew buys her the sleeves with the "puffiest puffs in the whole world".....when Marilla and Mathew say goodbye to her at the train station.....when Mathew dies (oh there's some serious sobbing here!!!)....the list goes on.

And who am I kidding....as IF I only had one piece of slice!!! Grab this easy peasy yet to die for recipe over at this gorgeous gal's blog.

For other crafty and quite probably far less weepy souls pop into this lovely lady's place. I'll make you a cuppa and we could share a piece of Bren's slice...or three :)


  1. i love Anne of Green Gables!!!
    i hope you enjoy it without too many tears, but I know there will be.

    beautiful pressies & that slice does look very yummy.

    happy mammas day beautiful girl ♥

  2. These are so cute and such a great idea...I could do something like these around here for when I can't keep the tears at bay :)

  3. I think we must be kindred spirits! I cry watching Anne of Green Gables all the time! Even in the happy moments! It's just so lovely and innocent!

  4. I needed tissues today at Amelia's mothers day tea party. They sang two songs and then her teacher had made a video and all if them said why they loved us. Not a dry eye in the room (including the principle)
    Must say it has been a few years since seeing Anne if green gables

  5. They are adorable. Lovely for a vintage style wedding I think!?
    Ahhh...Matthew and Marilla, bless their hearts. Yes always blub at Anne of Green Gables.

    Have you ever seen the film Stella with Bette Midler?
    That gets me every time. Infact recently I was trying to describe the film to the Mr as he couldn't remember if he'd seen it and I couldn't explain the ending without breaking down. Such a blubber!!! x

  6. one of my all time favourite movies Steph ... and the fabrics are just perfect x

  7. Anne & Gilbert. Makes me cry every time! Havn't seen it in years, I'm sure Goose would enjoy it too so I'll have to rent it out soon!

  8. These are perfect. I received mine - a big thank you, but I wasn't happy that my husband opened the envelope and popped tissue holder and card on my desk without telling me. I was like, "when did this come in?!" his response, "oh sorry, I accidently opened it.."
    This must have taken you ages Steph.
    About the crying bit: I attended my sister's parent/teacher/interviews (she's 18!) I cried in front of her teacher, while my sister stroked my leg in support. How embarrassing...I'm utterly hopeless.

  9. I do love your tissue cosies Steph! So gorgeous in those beautiful fabrics. Cuppa and slice sounds good! x

  10. What a lovely surprise when mine turned up in the mail! (It's on my 'to blog' list...)

    I'm a bit of a crier but I'm definitely a sneezer so it will come in very handy!!

    And now I want to go watch Anne of Green Gables. Unfortunately I only have it on video, not DVD and the VCR is still in a box in the garage :(

  11. Hey Steph, thank you so much for my gorgeous tissue holder, it is lovely. Great material!! Well done again on all your efforts with the softies!!

  12. Ohhh too much lovelienes here i don't know where to start!!! I love my little tissue holder that you dearly made for me!!! It sits lovingly next to my glasses case that you also made. I've lost count how handy it has been, as, you guessed it, I'm a crier too! Anything will set me off! bawl, bawl bawl! I love Anne of Green Gables too - I remember getting the book as a wee little girl and i struggled a little, so i watch the video (back then!) and LOVED it! oh i get all choked up just thinking about it - hope all is wonderful lovely girl xx

  13. these look awesome!! you are clever :)

  14. Thank you so much for my lovely tissue holder:) When I got it in the mail I was touched by your thoughtfulness and for all the work you put into making it for me. It's in my handbag always very handy for all those teary moments and for the child nose moments too:) xo


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