7 May 2011

Grateful for....Spontaneity

A morning of pottering! Round the shops (cinnamon donuts included!)....pottering through the local oppies unearthing treasures aplenty....pottering into a delightful yarn shop and then my favourite quilting shop...

Big, big sleep for my girl in her big girl bed. Hubby had a well earned snooze at my feet while I dusted off the sequel to my beloved Anne and did a spot of lounge crafting.

Spur of the moment pikelet making for afternoon tea. Pretty tablecloth, delicate china and silver teapot for an impromptu tea party with my lovelies.

Nothing planned....nothing overly organised....spontaneous.....heaven!

I'm joining in over at this lovely little spot of the world.


  1. completely love the little hand in the air while sipping her tea - so dainty! What fun!! I love those afternoons :-)
    have a great weekend

  2. Unplanned moments often are the most enjoyable. Your tea party looks great.

  3. Sounds like the perfect day, and afternoon tea looks lovely!
    happy mothers day!

  4. i love when days just come together like that - unplanned so no expectations and yet so satisfying!!! You're little princess looks just adorable, having her own special tea party with her mum and dad!!! Happy mothers day to you darling twin! xx

  5. What a splendid day all round. Can't wait to see how you topped this for mothers day. Great to find another Anne with an E lover out there. I saw the movies at that super critical time of adolescence and they are imprinted on my soul. I even named my little girl after a character in one of the movies as I have loved the name for 20 years. Melx

  6. She is so adorable. What a little lady. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely day. x


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