20 May 2011

My Creative Space - The Dirty "P" Word

Before you commend me for my crafty diligence at preparing for the upcoming Mathilda's market...think again. The above piccie depicts what my creative space should look like this week what with stock to prepare but I've got a hefty dose of that rogue illness that seems to strike just when you need your "get up and go". That's right my lovelies...I'm suffering from a severe case of procrastination.

Instead of hammering along on trusty old Jan I'm eyeballing luscious new winter projects promising new skills, a snugly poppet .....and quite probably more than one or two tantrums (from me that is!)

I'm performing delicate eye surgery on a beloved friend. She is so loved that her blue peepers have been picked at religiously whilst lulling mon bébé to slumber.

Then there's the organising of the shameful disaster that is my embroidery thread. Who has time for stock sewing when there's perfectly important and utterly pedantic tidying to be done?

And what is a girl to do when there's nothing left but to set up shop and sew stock? Start a brand new quilt for her Momle, that's what! And no...it's not a lap size.

A bazillion crafty folk are showing off their hard work this week over here. I'd best head down, bottom up and sew the night away in preparation for the next Mathilda's. On the other hand, I do declare that the ironing pile is getting a bit tall and leany.


  1. Keeping it real - nice.

    So much crafty goodness to choose from. Your softies are so adorable and the well loved friend is is proof that I'm not the only one that likes them!

  2. As a fellow procrastinator, I understand!! But I always work better under pressure and I'm sure you will be ready for your market just in time!!

  3. My threads look exactly the same!

  4. I thought that it was only me that got my embroidery thread in a pile like that! Happy to help you wind those threads over a cuppa... my knitting skills are certainly not worth offering! Have a beautiful weekend xo

  5. teehee! oh yes, a lot of procrastination going on at my house!!! why, i only just finally got hubby's trousers out to mend, whilst waiting for the creative inspiration to hit for my up-coming market too! No doubt your stall will be oozzing french charming goodies and will sell up a storm! xx

  6. :) shall we cast on after market? Did I give you a set of circulars??? Have searched the house for them and can not locate there whereabouts???? Hope that you get some stock done. I have massive plans this weekend, watch this space.

  7. Don't you just hate that dirty 'P' word....I must admit it is perfect weather for sorting your embroidery threads. I wonder if I will end up making anything new for the RRD carnival??? Who knows!
    Have a lovely weekend x

  8. That 'P' word, I'm good at that too. There's always something more fun to do isn't there;) I hope you get all your sewing done, might see you next weekend. Have a great Sunday. xo

  9. he he - You'll be kicking yourself the night before the market if you don't get to it! Happy preparing, it's a lot of work I know.


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