17 May 2011

We Play - Instruments

A lovely visit a little while ago to a new little friend's house inspired us to make our very own shaker!

We armed ourselves with two paper plates, crayons, paint and cotton buds and a whole lotta imagination....

Some stapling from Mumma and some very careful filling with dry pasta....

Maestro do you have you baton poised in the ready? May the music commence!!!

With some pots and pans and some favourite instruments from her box of goodies a cacophony of delightful sound was created. Took us all afternoon and both of us had a whale of a time!

I'm "playing" with all these lovely Mumma's over here.


  1. She would have to be one of the luckiest little girls to have a very special Mum like you!

  2. Reminds us that the simple things are often the best things! x

  3. I can just imagine what a lot of lovely noise, I mean music, you both made together.

  4. What fun! Looks like she had a great time making music!x

  5. Looks like lots of fun! will definatley have to make these with my kids, they would love them. great idea!

  6. Organising a dance/music party for my daughter's birthday. These would be perfect. thanks


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