30 Apr 2011

Grateful for....Nature!

We have been waking up to rain falling on our tin roof more often than not lately. Heaven! It has however, taken nearly three years away from the classroom to actually enjoy hearing this noise on an early morn as opposed to causing me to sit bolt upright at 5:30 am declaring "OH NO! Wet lunch today!!!" to all and sundry. Now the teachers out there will understand me perfectly, But for the others...picture rained in (read: loopy loo!) children from all the prep classes (last count...about 70!) eating their lunch in the undercover area and spending ALL day inside without a chance to let off steam while their frazzled teachers take turns for a wee break....mmm.....let me tell you, it ain't pretty!!

Yesterday's rainy morning granted us another lovely start to our day with THE biggest slug leaving his silvery trail along our path. Now poppet is only two but she has a decent set of hooves on her so hopefully this gives you some sort of idea of how big this beauty was.

Ah to live the slow paced life of a slug!

I finally joining in with this lovely lady again after what seems ages! So grateful to have such a lovely blogger to let me shout out about my gratefulness!!!


  1. WOAH that is one massive slug! eww.
    I totally hear ya with the wet weather lunch! I was fine if it was my own darling class of 1/2's but I also had to supervise the next door 2/3's and my gosh they had the horrid boys who you just wanted to heh heh. ;)

  2. It's so good to see you, Steph! I missed you. I haven't been getting around to the blogs in a way that I like, so it's great to see you today.

    Thanks for sharing your Attack of the Killer Slugs photos. Man! What a specimen!!!! x

  3. PS - I know only one way to solve this, I've added you to my blog roll so I don't forget to visit!! x

  4. What an unusual looking slug.
    My children were obsessed with snails when they were younger, which came out in droves when it rained...though they weren't so appealing when people had walked over them.

  5. Rainy days with little ones at school can be a bit hairy scary;) But rainy days with just you and your little poppet where you can enjoy little moments like this are so special. xo

  6. See, that's what I like about being the PE teacher - rain or shine I get them to run around (so they never get a chance to get stir crazy with me!!!)
    And, hello, super scary giant slug! I think I would have been scared it would somehow eat my daughter's foot! She's a brave little kiddy to put her foot there!

  7. Lovely post, Steph - and awesome slug find! Your little poppet was very brave to be so close to it; I'm not sure if mine would have been quite so daring! :)
    Have a wonderful Sunday x

  8. Oh Wow! That is one huge slug!!
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  9. That is one impressive slug speciment. I have never come across a real live slug. Actually quite relieved it was not on our footpath as Roboboy would have been pushing to keep it as a pet for sure. Melx.

  10. Oh..I don't know that I would like a slug that big in my yard..how many vegetables could it eat in a night? However, we did find a pretty gigantic grasshopper the other day and I think it would eat a fair bit too!

  11. The Boy, who is crawling over me as I type, LOVES the slug!

  12. That is one giant and unusual slug! The outdoors really are full of fascinating things! Even the indoors sometimes too.....we used to live in a house once where the kitchen floor, and occasionally benchtops, would be covered in silver trails in the morning where the slugs had had a party over night!


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