21 May 2011

Grateful for...being able to laugh at myself!

Many dewy morns ago I, giddy with anticipation told you (o.k. gushed...excessively!) about poppet's new bed and how Hubby and I planned to transform it into a sleeping chariot fit for any princess. Well there was much toiling...and quite a bit of grumbling....and then some more toiling... And finally every minuscule flake of the old paint and rust was gone. Then with careful and deliberate strokes I painted each curlicue, each swirl, each sconce until Bijou's bed head and end gleamed like new. Twas the night before the grand unveiling as Hubby set about putting the two restored puzzle pieces together with a frame that a fly was detected in the ointment.

The frame was too short...and too narrow. Could this gorgeous bed that must have been over a hundred years old...could it possibly be...a king single??!!! There were accusations, "hands on hips" huffy breaths, possibly even foot stamping (I know...trés childish!) from both parties. Then silence. Surely we'd noted the bed's measurements, surely when we ordered the brand spanking new mattress that had arrived wrapped in plastic earlier that week, we'd considered it's dimensions.

Tiptoeing into our babe's room (it's far from the size of a suite at the Ritz!) we tentatively measured where this gargantuan bed was going to go. Well, if poppet had a cat..and if we let her perform such acts on animals...she simply would not be able to swing it! The finality hit us...the bed was too big!!!

The wound was raw for a day or two but was eased by the arrival of a delicate little turned wooden bed in ivory (an eBay bargain for $10!!!) made by some one's loving grand papa when they were small. That and the thought that only aristocracy could own such a "king single" way back when!

And now when we spy the gorgeous bed tucked safely under the house for when our angel (and hopefully our house) grows a little...well Hubby and I can laugh at ourselves and at how utterly stupid we were this particular occasion. Sometimes every now and again we all need a good humbling to stop us taking ourselves too seriously....and maybe just to give our blogging friends a wee giggle ;)

Thanks to this lovely lass for encouraging us to share what we're grateful for. The list is endless!


  1. oh bugger!

    thank goodness for eBay!!!
    have a great weekend

  2. So glad that you can laugh about that! After all the hard work I can see why there was also some foot stamping going on...it does look beautiful. I'm sure I would have done exactly the same thing to be honest, I never would have thought to measure it!

  3. I don't know whether to laugh or cry for you!

  4. oh honey! i love this story and I'm grateful that you told me this story earlier -as when it was time to snap up a bed for my little girl, i measured twice, no three times! just to be sure!!! so good to have a giggle at yourself and when Bijou gets that King Single bed of hers, oh, she will love it!!! wishing you lovely days!! xx

  5. Oh Steph, that's a crack up! I do things like that all the time (but probably there is less hard work to go before the fall!)

    As long as can keep laughing at ourselves (I am particularly comedic) we will be just fine. Does it help if I tell you that that (gigantic, enormous) bedhead came up a treat??? x

  6. It looks so beautiful restored!
    Just think of it as a bed to grow into :)

  7. you know, you did an amazing job on that huge bed head... one day it will be perfect, and until then, I'm glad you can laugh! x

  8. Things like this happen when the excitement take over. Sounds like you enjoyed the process though and you will always have a smile on your face when you think about it :)

  9. Thnank goodnes for ebay and just hink - next house you will be ready for her and her grand bed (fit for a princess) will fit in the abode:)

  10. oh and that bed looked so lovely! we have a similar problem right now. we just bought plan drawers, there twice as wide as they looked in the photo, too huge-mongous. Why oh why didnt we ask for measurements?!

  11. Goodness, your poor chook, that is exactly the kind of muddle I would get myself into. Beautiful job on then bed head though- it's gorgeous. I just bought a similar one for my little girl on ebay. Just stash it and when you decide it's time to upgrade your house you can pull out the bed and find a house to match. Melx

  12. oh my gosh=- i CAN totally understand the huffing and hands on hips and then the giggling!!!

    you were blessed with another bed for your little one...and this will always be there for another day!

    great story....!

    we bought our first daughter, Ella, a bed when i was still pregnant with her...well we bought bed ends on a trip to Bowral- and then had to build the rest of it around these ends for her 2nd bday...

    her's lived under the house whilst she spent her first two years in a cot- so i feel right at home with you two here!!

    enjoy her big girl /medium size bed...

    melissa xx

  13. Oh that's funny! Haven't we all done something like that? better to laugh than cry - and thank goodness for ebay!! You could always make a king-single day bed from it!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  14. Oh yes, build a house around that bed head, it's glorious!! Love Posie


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