18 Nov 2013


Industrial noise seems to dominate my aural landscape. A too close main road and a neighbour obsessed with his leaf blower spew harsh tunes into the air.  Even my "whisper quiet" kettle announces its presence with a distinctly un-natural sound.  I sense the tightening in my shoulders and I nudge myself out of my little wallow - to change perspective.

From another section of the orchestra a steady breeze is passing through leaves tickling them with its cool fingers. In turn they are sending forth their crinkly laughter. A giant gum tree creaks as it allows the earth's turning to bend and sway her. It reminds me of ebb and flow. On quiet reflection I also tally four different bird calls from within her branches. Above me the tin roof pings as the hot sun contorts its form and I think of Summer and its imminent arrival. Far off rumblings herald the beginning of the storm season.

Equal in frequency these calming sounds are dwarfed by discordant mechanical musicians.  Inadvertently I have chosen to magnify the annoying and let it diffuse my day with tension and disharmony.  Although I have learnt to visually overlook the less appealing and hunt out the beauty in my everyday I have been unable to shake these unrelenting tunes from my ears. Perhaps it is time to shift my attention to the sounds around me. Can I focus on the soothing and beautiful and let them drown out the grating? I guess it is all a matter of perspective.

Steph x


  1. sometimes its hard to filter the good sounds from the bad, I also just long for quiet somedays, you weave your words so well,

  2. So true, Hadn't thought about looking for beauty in sounds. beautifully written.

  3. Such lovely words..wind chimes have helped us redirect our attention to the beautiful when we were living by a busy road! x x

    1. What a beautiful idea! I'm off to buy some tomorrow. Thanks so much for your thoughts xx

  4. Beautiful Steph... I know just what you mean (especially the leaf blower... I detest leaf blowers, and also have an overenthusiastic neighbour). We have a neighbour who somehow persuaded the local council to let him run a sign writing business from his home... that means many days are punctuated by metal grinding and the like... it is exceptionally frustrating when it wakes Anaru from a sound sleep. As a Mother of a rarely sleeping newborn, there were many occasions when I threatened actual violence! Lol! When it all gets a bit much, we either head to the beach (where the sound of the sea drowns out most things) or I will put on music to soothe the soul (usually buddhist chanting or similar)... You write so beautifully Steph, thanks for sharing : ) x


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