29 Nov 2013

kissed by the moon

May you, my baby, sleep softly at night,
and when dawn lights the world,
may you wake up to birdsong.
May the morning sun warm you, 
the evening breeze cool you
and at noon may you rest in the shade.
May you, my baby, eat from the garden,
be kind to its creatures,
and smile at the flowers.
May dogs and cats follow you,
love and watch over you,
and animals all be your friends.
May you, my baby, make sprinkles of sand,
spy little fish,
and splash in the ocean.
May you search in the sky,
play in the snow,
and dance in the rain.
May you my baby, follow the rivers,
wander the mountains,
and walk in the wild.
May you grow sleepy at sunset,
sing to the stars,
and drift into dreams.
And may you, my baby,
be kissed by the moon.

One of our all time favourite authors, Alison Lester has released a new book, Kissed by the Moon. It is as if she peeked into the dreams I have for my babies and wrote them all down in her beautiful words. Her illustrations as always are detailed and colourful, inspiring and magical. A must for under the Christmas tree this year.

Have you found a beautiful new children's book for your little ones? I'd love to hear.


  1. Agreed, this is one adorable book for sure. Alison Lester is a big favourite here too!

  2. Oh we discovered this little gem too! Aren't each of those words just perfect. Such a gentle lullaby of a book. Destined to be a classic...I bought a stack to give as newborn presents for all the little babes to be born in coming weeks...xxx
    ps. There's a wordless book called The Journey which I have wrapped ready for Sassy. Books are by far the best (and most loved) present in our house x

  3. We borrowed Kissed By the Moon from the library not long ago and I knew I had to buy it after the first reading, it is just so precious. So I have purchased it for our new baby who will only be a couple of weeks old come Christmas Day. The words in this book say it all, don't they?
    Have a beautiful weekend x

  4. Ooh this looks like my next Xmas purchase my two boys. "You are my special baby" by Carol Chataway is a beautiful one too

  5. Ohhh we love Alison Lester too! I will have to find this one too. Always a winner for me with children's books is anything written by (or illustrated by) Stephen Michael King. His illustrations are so quirky and magical. Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet & Allan Ahlberg has been a favourite with all of my littlies.

  6. isn't it just precious! I was in awe when I flipped through its pages a few weeks ago. Much love x

  7. I am definitely getting this for Marguerites first christmas... thanks for sharing x

  8. Oh thankyou Steph, this will be perfect for Anaru for Christmas, he loves the moon so!!!

  9. So lovely. I think the one definitely has to go in the stocking! I've always loved Alison Lester's books and it makes it all the more special that she's a local writer.

  10. Oh this is just beautiful. I think it will certainly be making its way under our tree this Christmas x

  11. "All Through the Year" by Jane Godwin is a recent find for us, which we are loving. It is the progress through a year, month by month, from an Austrlalian perspective. I got a bit choked up reading it the first time - it reminds me of my childhood and made me realise that we do have an "Australian culture" a unique yet common way that we go about things here in Australia, which we are passing onto our littlies.


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