27 Nov 2013

mexican fiesta - the school

Picture a cavernous space. Soaring ceilings and white on white walls where colour pops and stale imaginations are teased back into life. The School* - a place to create, to art make, to play. Where passionate teachers open doors to new crafts and revisit time honoured ones. Skills are dissected into more manageable tasks making them palatable to the very beginner and accomplished artisans alike. This creative juggernaut entices us back into a world where creating isn't self indulgent or frivolous, but a part of being human. With the divine Megan Morton at the helm one can be assured that each tiny detail will be beautifully thought out and a magnificent time is inevitable.

Come Saturday I will be drinking in all that is this creative world. Alongside my beautiful friend Em from little tienda I am so very excited to be teaching in this inspiring space.  To celebrate Mexico and all its colour and exquisite handicrafts we will be hosting a Mexican Fiesta teaching traditional embroidery, Papel picado and paper flowers and feasting on an inspired and enticing lunch.  Instagram friends from near and far will be gathering for an Instameet* also as the icing on the cake. It is sure to be a brilliant day and I so look forward to guiding beautiful souls to create with heart and hands.

Steph x

* The School hosts so many inspiring and empowering workshops you simply must explore them. Perhaps Santa might pop one in your stocking this year and lead you on creative adventures in the new year.

* The Instameet will be held from 1-2 pm at The School, 85 Dunning Ave., Rosebery. It would be grand if you came and said hello!

Images from Megan Morton


  1. Oh Wow! I'd totally be there if I lived in Sydney. Go you!!

  2. Steph, I'd love to send you some of Goose's craft packs that you ordered. I've only just realised that I replied to your comment on my blog and that you are now a "no-reply" blogger so you didn't actually get the email! So sorry. You must think me very tardy. If you could email me your postal address I'll pop them in the mail. xo froggooseandbear@gmail.com

  3. i definitely want to come and say hello but it'll depend on clementine's sleep that day. but how long will you be in sydney? and where are you staying? this should probably be in a text, hang on… x

  4. Oh how I would love to join you! x

  5. would so love to be there
    have a fabulous time

  6. what amazing colors, beautiful, sounds like a wonderful event!!!!! Very exciting!

  7. Ahh.. it looks absolutely amazing! I wish I still lived in Sydney! x


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