7 Nov 2013

lemon butter

There is a stony creek we like to visit. We skim stones, explore and collect wisps of nature to adorn our nest and fuel our creativity.  Sometimes we pack a picnic, other times we head to a nearby rustic cafe for frothy milkshakes and animated chatter.  Always we turn down a country road and pull up next to a thorny, waxy leafed tree; our wild bush lemon..

Like sleeping beauties hidden behind a barbed wall we spy pops of yellow here and there and before long we are throwing caution to the wind and loading our wicker basket to almost overflowing.  Some of these gnarly jewels will be squeezed over smashed avocado on sourdough toast. Others will be drained of their juice for freezing, some may even be preserved in a salty brine. But there will always be enough for lemon butter.

Steph x

We've been using this recipe with or without the passionfruit. And then devouring it on toast.


  1. That looks lovely! I've made herbed butter before, but never lemon.

    xox Lilly

  2. I'm a fan of the delicious flavour of lemons.
    Collecting fruit that would otherwise fall to the ground is a wonderful thing. x

  3. Mmmm yes always time for lemon butter. Gorgeous.

  4. what a wonderful experience, to pick lemons from the tree, as I read about you picking lemons the snow is falling in big fluffy flakes,

  5. Yum I love all.things lemon shall try out this recipe. :))

  6. Oh, lemon butter! I craved it so while I was pregnant - it reminds me of my grandmother, sweet and loving xox

  7. i like to stand at the fridge door and devour it right off the spoon. no stopping me!

    rachel xo

  8. Always admire your pics without writing but this time I want to: they're really evocative. Your photography is the kind I love best: the one which turns something simple and ordinary, like a cup or a pice of butter, into something poetic. veronica


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