20 Sep 2013

the out breath

A sprawling mess of spring blooms plucked by my girl. Mere weeds to many, shades of purple to her. Kindy sheets in the washing basket signalling not only the end of Term 3 but the cessation of "sleeps" in preparation for big school. Rearranging this and that and pottering about our home with gentle intention. Wooden wind chimes on the breeze and an out breath.

The weekend, the school holidays....the promise of cups of tea in bed amongst crumpled bedlinen and healing babies padding about in bare feet. A birdhouse waiting to be hung in just the right branch and fresh sand in the sandpit. New books to read, a row or two of knitting and time in green places.

What are your plans this weekend? May your days be slow and delicious.

Steph x


  1. I have been looking forward to today, to simple days at home, sleep ins and no routines. May you have a wonderful weekend with your little ones, sleeping in and reading new books it sounds just perfect to me. xxx

    1. Enjoy your gentle days with your beautiful girls lovely friend. Spring holidays are the best xx

  2. This weekend ... we have no plans!
    How delicious does that sound?
    (have you read the book about a day with no plans - its beautiful)
    One more week of school for us - but then I'll be joining your holiday planning

    1. Oh yes we adore that book!! Have a beautiful weekend and a gentle downward slide to the holidays lovely xx

  3. Beautiful Steph!
    This weekend we're off to the zoo.
    I'm working most of the school holidays, but knowing all my babes are under the same roof warms my heart.

  4. Ah... The out breath. Let go and be.... Happy weekending and holidaying to you and yours. Holly.xx

  5. My favourite thing about school holidays is the sleep ins and slower days. Now that the kids have decided they know what sleeping are, I am relishing them !

  6. Oh a sleep in, I'm looking forward to a sleep in, we are off to Gran and Pop's for the weekend, so my lovely Mum will get up with the little ones while I indulge.

    Working on my sour dough also, must get it right!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  7. We're not on holidays until next week and I can't wait - so looking forward to catch-ups and sleep-ins! Hope you're having a lovely weekend Steph x


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