5 Sep 2013

spring flowers

The grass is drier in the mornings now. In our veggie garden seedlings are sending strong roots downwards and the air about us feels alive with possibilities.  Cupboards have been perused with a "tsk tsk" as linens and clothes bulge and tumble from their shelves. Cotton sheets will replace flannelette ones and winter woollens will be hand washed and tucked away until King Winter visits again. I have occupied my quiet cups of tea time with list making in crisp new notebooks and every surface is cringing as I cast my scrutinising gaze about.My girl, well she is all bare feet and chasing rainbows as she calls me to jump on the trampoline. There is time.

So many tasks to tick off a spiralling cleaning list but for now I will pause and savour the change in the air. I know only too well that my whirlwind of Spring fervour will hand me a change of season cold or flu. The days will also speed by masked by an efficient flurry of nothing terribly important.  I will drink in her colour and energy. There is time.

Tiny fingers point out pops of tangerine, fuscia and buttermilk and tinier ones simply can't resist plucking them for Mumma, roots and all. They fill jam jars, china milk jugs and green glass bottles and imbue our home with scent, colour and life. Gentle flowers that fade quicker than we would hope remind me to walk slowly on this journey and relish quiet days with my babies. They too will bloom and I will watch them gently unfurl. There is time.

Steph x

We made a Spring flower garland using strips of calico. Pieces roughly 5cm x 50cm were dampened with water and then folded gently along the long edge. The poppets enjoyed dipping first one edge in watercolours and then the other. When they were dry we folded them fan like and tied the bottom together with twine unfurling them a little to make a flower shape. These delicate blooms were then strung onto a long piece of twine and draped in pretty places.


  1. I love the garland, so very sweet. I'm starting to make lists here too. Lots to do, always xo

  2. I love these Steph, such a gorgeous idea, I think I'll have to try something similar : ) xo

  3. i have a house full of short stemmed flowers too, plucked endlessly by the biggest, my warnings don't work, she's just so excited to see them all again! i love your cross stitch picture so much, did you make that too?

    1. Hand picked flowers are hard to resist! The cross stitch was a very lucky op shop find and is much loved here too. Hope your week is lovely :) x

  4. So much floral goodness going on over here lately Steph. Love that garland! Love the way you beautifully weave your words too.

  5. A beautiful, simple Spring craft idea. x

  6. This post and your beautiful way with words is quite possibly one of my favourites of yours Steph... just lovely xx


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