13 Sep 2013

sling diaries - wisdom

At birth our jouney lay before us. A gently trodden path made safe and negotiable by our ancestors.  Either side were ancient trees murmuring tales of connection, unitedness and love.  The trail took turns and bends and led us uphill and downhill as all good adventures do. Our colour palette was muted and subtle and our breath was slow and deep.  It was a simple journey.

Over time, the lure of bright and sparkly things led us away and we fossicked amongst Aladdin's jewels for a time.  Treasures filled out pockets and our once effortless meandering began to err on laborious. Seasons passed unnoticed and shiny trinkets lost their certain glow.  The earth about us became dry and bleached of life and our bodies grew weak from lack of true nourishment. Our desires went unsatisfied and we searched for new ways to draw possessions towards us.  We fell into a robotic trance of earn, spend, earn, spend and time was sucked into the vacuum of consuming.

We strayed from the lushness of a simple life too long. Our weary bones, no longer nourished by accumulating wealth and chattels, urged us to retreat to places of calm. To return to the simple path.

As I watch my own babies come into themselves deep in a simple world I see their innate wisdom.  The truths we have forgotten. Their hands instinctively reach for natural textures and they linger in places of growth; of life. The subtle changes in the weather warrant their notice and they are ever eager to thrust their hands into the cool, rich earth. Their taste buds are enlivened by nature's bounty and they breathe deeply. Their joy at the world around them is palpable.

Gentle rhythms of the day, the seasons, the years wash over them and they bend and sway effortlessly to the changes. Oh, we have so very much to learn from these wise souls.

Steph x

Remy and I are pottering about our garden as we often do and he is snuggled in the Luxe Baby Sling in Tesoro by Sakura Bloom. These images were taken by our lovely friend Shane Shepherd.

This is my final entry for the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaires and I have relished every minute of it. I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity and have been blessed by many new and beautiful friends. Thanks so much for joining me on this adventure.


  1. Love this, Steph. Beautiful words and such precious images by a talent to mark the end of this season.

  2. Steph your words so beautiful telling your story of your journey of simplicity. These photos are really stunning, the colours so bright and your garden looks so lovely. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. x

  3. Oh Steph, you are as beautiful now as you were as a child. Your writing is poetic and inspiring. So lovely to have found you just as you were, dear lovely friend. Blessings and love xxx

  4. Such beautiful images accompanied by your ever poetic and meaningful words Steph x

  5. Such a fantastic entry, as always. I very much look forward to your entries and am happy to have found you through this adventure!

  6. I have really, really loved this series. I so love to wear/carry my George close to me also. There is something so grounding and peaceful in your words and reading them always gives me a well spent moment of calm in my day. Thanks to you. Holly.x

  7. Your words, as always, bring joy and warmth into my heart. Thank you for sharing this wonderful series


  8. Steph, you are truly a very talented writer. A gorgeous piece as always xx

  9. Your poetic writing is a salve for the soul.


Your words brighten my day! Thank-you so much for joining me on my adventure. x