23 Sep 2013

little things - her photos

Little things that make our world. Things I want to capture, tuck away and peek at another day....and smile.

I have always believed that if we hand our babies the right tools and ample knowledge they are capable of most anything. These pictures taken by my baby bird make me feel more passionate about this ideal than ever. Her images were all taken on manual with her adjusting this and that as she saw fit....she is 4!

A palette of rust and ochre.
Mumma's giant flower hat.
The Aussie bush with a sky tinged with Summer.
Wild and free...and oh so adored by her.
Mr. Bearded Dragon sunning himself.
Weaving sticks.

Steph x

Joining in with the beautiful Em.


  1. Oh what a beautiful idea and what a talent. I love seeing the world through a child's eye, such magic x

  2. Can Bijou give me lessons? :) All beautiful captures xx

  3. and the freedom to explore herself and her world will make all the difference in where she goes. You're a good mama to know this. These are beautiful...

  4. Se has such a good sense of beauty and details, that too at such young age !!!

  5. How amazing! Just beautiful.

  6. Gorgeous shots - she certainly has an eye!

  7. I have a camera (a very good quality one) at my kindergarten for the children to take their own photos. I am frequently blown away by their perspectives and their composition, and often use the photos in my documentation of the program. I believe that children are highly capable when given the chance.

  8. Oh my she has an eye for beauty. xxx

  9. Wow, that's fantastic! Such beautiful photos and I must say, I love your hat.


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