9 Jan 2011

Zippedy-Do-Dah, Zippedy-Ay!

Twas a certain little slice of magic's 2nd birthday yesterday! And what a grand day it was.With a love of all things blue and too many bird calls under her belt for such a tender age how could I have been surprised when she declared a blue bird cake was going to top off the festivities. Not any old bluebird though.."a blue bird....shol" i.e. a bluebird on my shoulder á la Zippedy Do Dah...a favourite tune of ours. Big cheshire cat grins and misty eyes from Mumma? Mais oui!!

In an effort to go low fuss, low packaged food, low impact on dear Mumma earth we began with the easiest birthday party decoration. Take some stamping done the previous day on recycled butcher's paper cut into wee little birdies and sticky taped to string. Et voila! A virtual flock of fine feathered friends. (Mmm....I do spy with my little eye, some remnants of a scary orange paint not yet attacked with the white paint brush.)

There were honey joys...

and teeny rhubarb muffins...

buttermilk and blueberry pikelets...

mini poppers of juice, sambos, cheerios (these were a non negotiable inclusion for Hubby) and a giant fruit platter. We used some yummy old plates from our stash and vintage cloth napkins..."gentlemen rags" as my brother calls them to his three wee gentlemen. Love it! And of course the cake. I found natural blue food colouring here to avoid sending all the kidlets off with the fairies.

The party bags were assembled in a jiffy with some calico scraps for the bags, vintage sheet birds and a little linen bookmark whipped up on Jan, a packet of sunflower seeds and a honey joy. I have to admit I was well chuffed with these :)

And mon bébé...well she has sung "Hap Bir To You" all week in eager anticipation of her special day.

The journey so far has been utter bliss my girl and I am so very proud to be your Mumma. You and Daddy are my world and every day with you, my little effervescent buddy is... ♪ My oh my what a wonderful day, plenty of sunshine heading my way, Zippedy-do-dah, Zippedy-ay!! ♪


  1. what a beautiful party idea - I just love the cake(oh, and the party favours, and, well, everything!) what a clever girl, and what an amazing mum! happy birthday, Bijou!

  2. Looks like everything was satisfactual!
    Happy Birthday to a little sweetie, who clearly knows her own mind!

  3. Absolutely love that birdie cake!!!!
    Fern's 2nd birthday was the 5th, we made a My Little Pony Cake: http://bubbymakesthree.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-little-pony-birthday-cake.html
    which I was super proud of.... but I think I like yours better!!! Love that garland, too!

  4. Sending special birthday wishes to your little munchkin. Was thinking of you all. Everything looks just beautiful Steph.

  5. Utter gorgeousness, Steph, on every count. Now I have to buy some pinking shears, having seen those divine birdies! The eyelashes on the cake make me smile - just the cutest! But you saved the best until last - Bijou is just scrumptious! Happy second birthday, little one. J x

  6. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I have to prepare a 4 year old's birthday soon. Ah, the joys.

  7. gorgeous, gorgeous little girl, happy birthday!
    hope you had a wonderful day, your mummy did an amazing job, tres chic indeed.

  8. Fantastic cake and gorgeous party bags - love the idea of sunflower seeds! What a lucky little girl - and an adorable one too!

  9. Happy Birthday Munchkin - wre thinking of you all - shame that the weather did not behave itself. Looks like she had a great day though.

    Love everything - you did well Mumma.

    Happy big 2 Miss B.

  10. Oh a late Happy Birthday Bijou. So gorgeous, so thrilled to say i've had a cuddle from that little angel.
    Such a sweet heart, wishing you more gorgeous babies, now!! Love Posie

  11. Oh how did i miss all these posts Steph!!! something is crazy goings on with my blog roll! Now - what a stunning 2nd birthday bash for a stunning little Bijou! that cake - wow amazing and all those little treats in such a cute calico bag...what a lucky girl she is to have such a wonderful mumma xx

  12. I love everything, especially the cake, well done. DId you follow a recipe/instructions or did you do it yourself? Any tips, I would love to make it for my daughters 1st bday..

  13. Hi Bel,
    The cake was easy peasy. I drew a rough bird shape on paper and used it as a template and cut it out from a slab of cake I cooked in a lamington tray (doubled the butter cake mixture from the Women's Weekly Childrens Cake book) and then cut a rough love heart/wing shape and stuck it on top. The legs and eye were licorice cut really thin and the beak was some yellow sprinkles. Hope this helps and thanks for popping in and leaving such a lovely comment. Hope you have a gorgeous rest of your week :)


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