25 Jan 2011

Sleep Over Dolls

Sleep overs seem to happen at the drop of a hat these days. But in my time...0h my...could I sound any more Nana-ish!! Oh well (cue glasses perched on the bridge of my nose and that whistly voice that comes when one reaches around 90), "In my time...one had to beg and plead for a sleep over and absolutely, never in a million years, so not going to happen on a week night!"
I remember one particularly grizzly sleepover with perfect clarity. It involved a moderately reheated can of Tom Piper braised steak and onion (oh yes...I remember it well!!), white bread and milk. Not privy to such tinned "goodness" in my humble abode I found it well, rather unpalatable. Mixed with white bread it created something not far from wallpaper glue pasted to the roof of my mouth. Enter the "dry reach". Again and again...and again. Needless to say I wasn't invited back to that house again. Thank goodness ;)

Sleep overs at my Grandyma's house (no not a typo!) on the other hand were a sublime adventure. There was always some sort of delectable parfait concoction prepared lovingly in tall tinted glasses waiting eagerly to be eaten. And lemon squash softdrink! Being allowed to use her Vaseline Intensive Care body cream after a bath and then being liberally dusted in Tweed talcum powder and a jaunty drop of Eau de Cologne behind the ears. Bliss.

For mon petit poppet's birthday I made her a set of teeny sleepover gal pals. I used some vintage fabric and a pattern from a glorious new book of mine, Wee Wonderfuls by Hillary Lang.
She has spent countless hours tucking them in and snoring them off to the land of nod. Only to give them a magic kiss and shout "wake, wake" as they are reefed out of their slumber and forced on with their day...usually shopping for curry!!

And if you're feeling a bit déja vu-ish upon seeing these little lasses that's because I used them for my Hope Softies button. I now have a staggering 86 people around the world making softies for the littlest victims of the devastating floods! I still have room so if you'd like to help out just leave me a message and I'll send you my details. Thank you to all of you wonderful, inspiring crafty friends who've contributed. You are stars...each and every one of you!!!


  1. my nearly 2 year old would love this, what a neat idea!

  2. I was thinking what a lovely little doll pattern it is, and then continued to read your post and discovered it is from "Wee Wonderfuls".... A book I bought for myself before Christmas, but obviously haven't had the time to look over properly. I will have to spend more time meeting it's characters ;)

    I'd love to send you a softie (or two if I have the time), do you have a cut off date for recieving them?

  3. How adorable are these dolls? Love that you have used vintage fabric.

  4. they are so sweet...i love the fabric! x

  5. Ahhh- the humble sleepover! yes i remember begging and begging too as a child and then being so frightened turning up at the "party" - my mum clicked straight away (read; noticed I wast clutching at her leg) and said that I couldn't stay over and she would pick me up in an hour or so! Those little dolls are a dream - i know even my two would love putting to bed and tucking them in! Blissful days for you this week my friend. I'll be in touch soon xx

  6. So sweet, what you made, not so sweet what you endured, OMG, my children won't even eat tinned soup, the good stuff!! I always make sure i do something extra delicious & tastey with plenty of vegetable options when we have sleep over guests.
    Congratulations on the "Softie Drive" awesome work. Love Posie

  7. They are just too cute! I really must get Hilary's book, its been on my wish list for a while now!!

  8. These softies are just the sweetest and Bijou will love them forever:) My girls love sleep overs at Grandma's house, tea with lots of sugar, trips to the shop and yummy icecream I'm glad that will have these memories to smile about when they get older. Have a lovely week. xo

  9. These are just lovely! I should make one or two for my 2.5yr old as she's at the age where she wants to sleep over Granny's.
    I remember how fun it was to sleep over my cousin's. We got away with alot as I was the "guest" who wasn't really a guest.. more like an extended family member with benefits! hehe.
    xo MODELmumma

  10. They are soo cute!
    I hadn't seen anyone make that yet.
    I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the book.


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