13 Jan 2011


It is with a very heavy heart that I right this post as I try to fathom the enormity of the devastation in my home town. My family and I have been so lucky to escape unscathed but the destruction in familiar patches of my home turf is utterly heartbreaking. I feel so helpless....

As a stay at home Mumma my primary responsibility is with my girl but I feel so utterly useless. Hubby can go and volunteer to fill sand bags...he has a ute and is ready to aid in the clean up at a moments notice. My Dad can drive a truck...an excavator...a bob cat. What can I do? At the moment I feel my cheerful blogging and crafting is superfluous and in bad taste. But on the other hand I can't sit idle. Hence I'm going to keep sewing and crafting but making things for those who have lost everything.

Thousands of families are seeking refuge in emergency shelters around Queensland. I would love to provide each and every child with a small handmade softie to comfort them in this dark time and give them hope that things will get better. Picture walking back into your home and every single item you own is either washed away or ruined by water and mud...... it really is unfathomable!!! Then imagine that through the eyes of a five year old!

If you would like to make something (it doesn't have to be grand!!) please leave a comment letting me know and I'll email you my address so I can deliver it to where it's needed.

The brilliant (I can't emphasise this enough!!!) ladies of the BrisStyle Team have co-ordinated a fantastic Flood Appeal through Etsy and I have pledged some of my wares to raise much needed cash. Please, please, please head over and ogle (no...not just ogle...buy, buy, buy!!) all of the amazing crafty goodness on sale with all proceeds going to the Premier's Flood Appeal.

The amazing Toni of Make It Perfect is also rallying the blogging troops in an online auction of which I am proud to be a part of. I will be auctioning a heap of mon petit poppet fair again with all proceeds going to my fellow statesmen in need.

Our thoughts are with you my Queensland friends....and my hands are busy.


  1. I can't imagine what you are feeling right now, Steph. Know that we down south are mustering every bit of good will we can. x

  2. Oh non francais for 'heart break'??
    My husband has finally made it to Brisbane & is on call to help.
    I feel so helpless at home in Canberra & yes, stay at home mummy of 4, can't really fill sand bags or drive my trailer in to save the day either, not from 1500km away. But i got sewing & have a patchwork quilt auction & huge raffle, makes me feel actually useful to help raise funds. I'm doing it with Make it Perfect.
    Happy sewing my love, i'll come up at Easter to do a whole lot more, love Posie

  3. Oh, Steph! I hadn't registered that you're in Brisbane. It's hard enough to comprehend in dry Hobart - I can't even contemplate what it must feel like for you on the ground. What a fantastic sentiment - if only I could sew! Thanks for the link - I'll head there now. Thinking of you tonight. J x

  4. Hi Steph,

    I'll make some things for you, and probably the ladies from my sewing group will also help make some toys or quilts. If you can let me know the details, I'll get started on some things on the weekend.

  5. you know i'm in honey - and if i could fly up and fill sand bags i would too ;-)) keep smiling xx

  6. Oh no, Im so sorry Steph. I am thinking of you.. and thinking of spending all my money on etsy xx

  7. I'm so glad you & your family are safe, your beautiful city is in my thoughts & prayers. Don't feel so useless, word is out & there are so many in the blogging & crafty community ready to help, and you just can bet that any child recieving one of your beautiful creations is going to treasure it forever, it will mean the world to them. Sending a hug your way lovely lady x

  8. Steph,
    Healtfelt thoughts to you and your fellow Brisbanites up north. The devastation to families, homes and livelihood looks enormous and unending. Crafty creations and can bring many a smile to children, and certainly help to return to something "normal" - keep it up and kids will love you for it!!!
    Big hugs!!! Everyone, follow Steph's advice and head over to Etsy!

  9. What a beautiful post. I too, feel so helpless. We lived in Brisbane for over nine years before having our children and moving to be closer to our families a few years ago. It is heartbreaking, seeing all of our favourite places going under water.

    Perhaps you may be able to help me, I also have been thinking of the children in this disaster and late last night posted about a Dolly Drive, for dolls to be made and collected. However, with so much devastation still unfolding and more flooding in rural areas. I don't know where I will send them.

  10. I'm in - I will knit alittle something:)

    My heart breaks too - have not seend DH since Wednesday morning - he flew out to Grantham yesterday and he said that it is just all too sad. People's houses are non-existant - just so sad.

    I am already going to have a raffle, and plan on making some quilt blocks - but I will help with this as well.

  11. ooh Steph, can't even imagine what people are going through, it looks soo traumatic & definitely heartbreaking.
    well done on your efforts, I wish I could bake, bake, bake & be there to provide some food.

    many hugs ♥

  12. I would love to contribute a little handmade something. Count me in!

  13. Count me in too. Glad to know you were safe! Cheers Kate


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