20 Jan 2011

Mon Espace Créateur - { My Creative Space }

♪ The softies go marching two by two. Hurrah! Hurrah! ♪

My house is becoming overrun with the most delightful of companions...handmade softies for my Hope Softies drive. Parcels of all shapes and sizes are being delivered by a rather bemused postal delivery fellow. Mmm..note to self...fill in the postie as to why he is wearing a path to my door.

I must confess there has been little to no softie making going on here as my gluteus maximus has remained constantly glued to the chair in front of the computer returning emails to all the lovelies out there who have offered their support. The outpouring of generosity has left me speechless....and that's saying something!

But with Hubby away the last week in the Lockyer Valley helping with the clean up and a black out at our house I downed tools a.k.a the computer, loaded up the poppet and headed to Mum's. It was here I finally got to complete a few wee dollies to add to the boxes of softies in my back room. Yes, you read it right....boxes!!!

I have plenty of room for more little parcels of loveliness so please join us by making a softie or two to give the littlest flood victims someone to snuggle at bedtime. I'm more than happy to have a numb bum writing emails :)

For more creative spaces please have a peep over here.


  1. Your postie must be thinking that something very strange is going on indeed! My softies were sent on their way today, but they probably won't make it til Monday.
    I'm looking forward to the group shot once everyone gets there.
    PS - Thanks so much for organising Steph. You're doing a wonderful job.

  2. Your softies are super cute... It is a wonderful thing you are doing & I'm sure they will bs loved to bits by many kiddies. Very tragic all that destruction & loss of lives caused by the flood.. You & your partner sound like big hearted people.

  3. That's wonderful that the softies are adding up and that you've gotten a chance for some sewing therapy too, despite a power outage! I'm sure the postie would love to know what's going on!


  4. My little bunnies are on their way!! Hope they arrive soon. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to *do* something amid all this strife.

  5. Love those little faces. I am sure the will bring much joy to some lost girls. Thanks for doing all of this. Cherrie
    Word verification is "ailies" - must be referring to your derriere

  6. Wow! What gorgeous dolls! What a wonderful idea. There will be alot of happy little girls who will treasure such a beautiful gift x

  7. :) LOL at your postie - best tell him what is going on or he might think that you have been sitting buying things off of the net:)

    I have softies cut out - have to sit and embroider them now - they are going to be SO cute:)

  8. Such a thoughtful gesture of yours. Can you imagine how many little hearts will be warmed by their new bedtime (and daytime) buddy?! Your husband is doing such a great job, please let him know that everyone is so grateful for people like him. X

  9. wow Steph, these little darlings are just so sweet and gorgeous, they are sure to bring smile to the children who receive them!! Hoping all is well with your family and the power has been restored. You are an absolute crafty dynamite - wishing you all a wonderul week and chat soon

  10. These little girls are soo sweet and will be loved and cuddled lots. Thanks again for organising such a special drive for little ones. Do you have a pattern for your sweet softie? I hope you are having a great week:) xo

  11. super cute softies. next project?.....cushion for numb bum:))) happy new year x

  12. Lovely Steph,
    What you are doing is just so inspiring...amazing work! so many little ones will hold onto a sweet softie and their little heart will be warmed. Let me know if i can help in anyway apart from sewing (not that i can sew) or i would! would love to meet for that coffee - how about a play and catch up next week!
    Sarah x


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