27 Jan 2011

My Creative Space

The majority of my creative space has been filled with an ever increasing number of gorgeous softies. So far 23 parcels of crafty hope and love have reached my door step and I now have 100 softies boxed up!!! These are now ready to be distributed to little munchkins in dire need of a friend to snuggle at bed time. In fact a few boxes are heading off as we speak! As there are now 90 lovelies creating up a storm for our littlest flood victims I should prepare Hubby that he may well have to give up his shed!

A few weeks ago, mon petit poppet celebrated her second birthday and along with a "blue bird shol" cake (translation: blue bird on my shoulder á la Zippedy Do Dah) this Mumma made her honey girl a birdie top to wear on her special day.

One of my goals this year is to "Make do!". Now it's no secret that I am slightly obsessed with fabric so my last year's self would have promptly shuffled of to the nearby fabric shop and hunted out something cute and birdy. But my new year's self (all shiny and virtuous!) decided to look at her stash more creatively and see what idea might blossom.

Well with some leftover linen, a humble spud and some blue craft paint mixed with textile medium (simply THE best product to turn all your old craft paints into fabric paint), I stamped up a storm. I used a skewer dipped in the paint to make the little wee legs. Throw in a piece of vintage sheeting for the strap and my gal had a pretty birthday top. A teensy bit rustic but golly gosh I had fun!!!

And here is the model du jour sporting her bluebird birthday ensemble topped off so elegantly with a vivid green Duplo hat! Trés chic dahling!!

And the left over "blue bird shol"s got stitched onto some recycled card and made into thank-you cards. I tried in vain to take a picture without a certain someone absconding with the card so I eventually gave in and thought a piccie with those scrummy pudgy little fingers ain't so bad :)

I wonder what other crafty adventures all the bloggy lovelies have been on this week?


  1. How clever! That is a very sweet little blue bird top, and I am very impressed by your 'make do' goal, well done!

  2. I love it.. Can you make me one too? ;)

  3. Hiw Cute!!!!! Love the blue bird fabric! Well done!

  4. What a fantastic idea...I may just have to try this!
    Love the little top you made :)

  5. i love the blue birdy fabric! and the pudgy little fingers are so adorable, I'm glad you didn't crop them out!

  6. wonderful! I too need to look at what i've got and think outside the square a bit rather than hurrying off to the fabric shop, my fabric stash was getting a bit out of control!

  7. tweet tweet- what a chirpy delightful little ensemble you made for Bijou to celebrate her birthday in. i thought i could spy it in her birthday post, so glad you showed us what you did! i do love a spot of potato stamping!!
    Good luck with all those softies - mine will on their way very very soon!
    much love
    B xx

  8. GORGEOUS & super clever, way to take a theme to the extreme, just divine!! Love your work, as always, super pretty ensembles for your Petit Poppet. Loving the softies drive you organised, gorgeous, love Posie

  9. Oh so cute! I'd love one in my size! How are you going with all those lovely softies? Hope mine will reach you soon!
    Sophie x

  10. Oh Steph, that is gorgeous! Well done you for 'making do'! It turned out so well! Who would have thought a potato could help in a sewing project!

    Happy birthday to Petit Poppet!

  11. What a great idea! Your little one looks gorgeous in it too! Very cute indeed.

  12. Clever girl! Not
    'rustic' at all...just lovely!

  13. That is so cute:) Sometimes the best things are made from what you have lying around.

    Love it !!!

  14. that's fabulous - what a great outcome, the birds are so sweet x

  15. Hi,
    I just recently discovered your blog and I am enjoying looking thru it. I love the little bluebird too....it's adorable. Your stamp was perfect. I, too, am trying to be more conscientious about my spending habits. I am also trying to look at the fabric, etc that already have before buying more.


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