31 Mar 2014


connecting -  Last week we felt sand between our toes and let the current carry us, yesterday we walked amongst grand tree spirits and felt rain on our cheeks. The natural world never fails to calm

nourishing -  Feeling all apothecary like I am sloughing away dry skin with a concoction of coconut oil, sugar and essential oils.  Cheap and cheerful yet strangely indulgent.

reading  The real estate section of the paper is always open at the moment. I feel an adventure coming.

creating -  A hall table top is being cleared in anticipation of this year's Easter branch.  She has some grand plans this year!

nurturing -  In an effort to carve out little pockets of time for myself I am scrutinising my daily comings and goings. There's a lot of time wasted in unnecessary or overzealous tasks so I'm creating windows of "me" time.

growing -   We have ourselves a little spinach forest at the moment and I can't help but smile as I pick the outer leaves and add them to our daily meals. This recipe leaves plates licked clean.

listening -  Rain on our tin roof; the ubiquitous Aussie soundtrack.

Steph x


  1. It is so easy to fill up the day and to forget about me time, but it's so important. Enjoy! xxoo

  2. what a wonderful week and as a mother to youngsters it's so important to find moments of "me time" - have a splendid week xx

  3. Beautiful! These are things we could all take to improve our days, thank you for the inspiration! :)

  4. Such a beautiful photo my darling. You 'me time' sounds beautiful and I can't wait to see your Easter branch. xx

  5. Ah love this Steph! Have felt that connecting in nature too - especially as the seasons change xx

  6. Que bonito tu blog, me encanta, besos desde España


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