11 Mar 2014

down time

Our weekends have been particularly slow lately. What with the shiny pallor of new school life fading slightly to the reality of it all, we limp over the finish line to Friday afternoon.  Come Saturday morning, pyjamas are kept on as long as possible, breakfasts evolve slowly from the first cup of tea in bed to pancakes and ruby berries at our worn  kitchen table, and everyone potters about contentedly.  We're spending most of our days outside and as always she is busy with her hands. Simple creating with tools chosen from nature's craft cupboard; much relished down time.

Steph x


  1. Sounds like our weekends... This is Sunny's first year at school too and like Bijou she's felling a little grumpy and tired come Friday. It is a big adjustment for all. An exciting one but tiring one :)

    Sophie xo

  2. oh down time how I love thee! the amazing healing properties of weekend morning in pj's and slow play time is never to be underestimated to a new school family! wishing you wondrous days my friend xx

  3. Oh my school is relentless isn't it. We've been spending our weekends much the same way. xx

  4. What a lovely way to spend your weekends...in a slow groove. Slow is sometimes best!

  5. your writing sweeps me away, pure bliss, wonderful creations!


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